Avalanche, recovery | Three people were trapped in the landslide – a major rescue operation

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(Forward):Three people were killed in an avalanche at Nonstint in Grattangon. Lars Halvorson, head of the operations center in the Norland Police District, told Freemover that they were in contact with the tour group. According to Halvorson, at least two people are from Sweden.

– At three-thirty on Saturday afternoon, we received an urgent message that a landslide had occurred. The caller first got stuck on the top of the avalanche and reported that he had lost sight of his two comrades.

Shortly afterwards, police contacted one of the other two on the tour. Dug third from the avalanche.

– The challenge now is to leave that area and pursue a safer path. “We have the help of the Norwegian people and the Red Cross,” Holverson said.

Rescue helicopters from Bodo were unable to enter the area as the weather was bad in the area.

18:45 The trio, who were trapped in the landslide on Saturday afternoon, have now safely fallen to the ground, police said on Twitter.

– One of the entourage sustained a knee injury and is being monitored by an ambulance at the scene. Otherwise, they are in excellent shape.

Forward, Lars Holverson says someone at the tour party will be taken to the emergency room in Norwich for an examination.

On Thursday, the University Hospital of Northern Norway posted a case on its website where you should be extremely careful if you are planning mountains for the next few days. They are a reminder of significant avalanche risk and refer to the warnings in varsom.no.

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– This weekend, heavy rainfall, increase in temperature and increase in wind. Thus increasing the risk of landslides. The chief medical officer of the Emergency Medicine Clinic at UNN, Knut Fredriksen, says there is a high risk of avalanches triggered by skiers, especially in areas of decline. No..

He further pointed out that the severe landslides that have occurred in the last few days in Trams are not only for the rescue team but also for other parts of UNN.

– The intensive care unit has now admitted more patients from landslide accidents, and mobility is under pressure. Together, it presents major emergency readiness challenges, having to send a patient to another regional hospital for surgery last night, the clinic head says on his own website.

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