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Sondre Lerche

Allow myself to start this review with an announcement. I mean Sondre Lerche’s new record “Avatars of Love” It is one of the best Norwegian albums of all time. That’s why I wouldn’t waste much of your time introducing Sondre Lerche – you know who he is. He’s from Bergen, will be turning 40 soon, and has been a musician for over 20 years. Baluch Liberation Army. Most interesting is the question of what it is made of.

It’s an apt question to ask when you know that it’s only been two years since Lerche released the great album “patience”. Meanwhile, he has had more than 100 single shows, current invention, released books In general, it was as much creativity pressure. In addition, to write and realize this wonderful work I am now listening to.

Was Sondre Lerche made in a top-secret laboratory inside a cave in Ulriken?

Did he install a microchip that gives him superpowers in any creative exercise?

Is it the result of an ambitious, but hitherto unknown, cultural strategy from the early 1980s in which we as a nation positioned our best individuals to portray the perfect Creator?

Raging craftsmanship

With such a high pace of production as Lerche has demonstrated in recent years, one would have feared a random batch of simple pop songs would emerge at some point. But “Avatars of Love” is far from obtainable.

Each song on this album is a separate and unique continent of superior mastery. It’s so elaborate and elaborate that it’s tempting to go over each song down to the smallest detail.

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However, for the sake of the reader’s attention, I will try to stay more general Alternatively, leave the email open for those interested in discussing this masterpiece further.

Great text work

According to the press release, the big revelation for Sundry Lerchy regarding this album is that «Enthusiasm does no harm to imagination or play, and deep character should not make the world small. »

Just what or what However, the revelation was not very important to the listener who – which It happened that we should be very grateful for.

Lerche’s poetry on this album is simply world class – on par with the greatest songwriters of all time.

We offer tons of great translations, fun language, and lyrical freedom. A veritable literary feast that we can only feast on, for about an hour and a half

Soul life collapses

The opening song “Guarantee I’ll Be Loved” is seen as somewhat of a chronological review of everything that somehow cut itself off in Sondre Lerche’s personal relationships. Romantic, friendly and familiar No one is spared the constantly rotating fork of spaghetti. Here the life of the soul will collapse, and it will suffer.

After a ten-minute epic Bossa-inspired, we’re on “Will We Ever Get Absorbed” by several guest artists for the first two seconds of the album. It’s the Brazilian Corinthians Anna Muller and Rodrigo Alarcón who bring this to life. A magical Leonard Cohen-Spoon song.

In “Avatars of Love,” Lerche was constantly inspired by past pioneers in avant-garde and pop art. Here you will find everything from the experimental curiosities of, say, John Cale and Laurie Anderson, to the ambitious machines of Brian Eno.

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Lersh herself is a role model

We also find elements of the French ’60s with the adorable Françoise Hardy at the fore. The inspiration from these ancient heroes does not mean that this record is outdated. Comparisons may give an idea of ​​the soundtracks, but the result of the inspiration is unmistakably Sondre Lerche.

Inspiration is also an interesting topic in terms of the title track (“Avatars of Love”). Here our friend elegantly lists a number of works that meant the most to him. According to his own statements, these things worked out comfortably in periods when he himself could not put words into anything.

Lyrics and musical role models in research times were important to Lerchy, and it’s abundantly clear on this album that Lerchy herself is the role model.


I have rarely had the pleasure of losing myself so violently on an album as I did with this one.

“Avatars of Love” are 14 completely different songs from roughly the same number of musical genres, all of which have tremendous value in their own right. Performed within reach of an artist with both legs implanted in his great golden age.

Moreover, he is followed by a wealth of very talented producers, which confirms a good point: Sondre Lerche knows what he wants from his business, and is looking for people who share the visions he has for him Just this song.

Love Avatars are fun and serious at the same time. Demo and available at the same time.

It is impossible to be bored, it is impossible not to be animated, moved, envious, angry, cheerful or inspired at the same time.

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The album is filled with ambitious arrangements that challenge the musical listener, while the poetic thinker will find many hours of joy in Lerche’s craftsmanship with words.

You will regret not listening to this album at least twice. Gorgeous!

Top three songs: I can’t choose.

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