Axel Bøyum became a pen pal with Aksel Hennie when he took over

Axel Bøyum became a pen pal with Aksel Hennie when he took over

Friday 2 September is the premiere of the movie The new main drama project of TV 2 channel “Headhunters – The First Lie”.

The series is based on author Joe Nesbo’s novel from 2008, which was later made into a movie in 2011 with Axl Heaney (46) in the title role as bounty hunter Roger Brown.

This time the series takes place ten years before the original story. So the action takes place in a whole new world. In the series there is an actor and Winner Gullruten Axel Boyum (25), who has been given a key role in headhunting.

Prior to recording, Boyum underwent extensive preparations. One of these led him to start exchanging messages with Henny.

Main role: Axel Boyum took on the role of “Roger Brown” in “Hodejegerne – The First Lie” from Aksel Hennie. Photo: Lilian Golsvik

I don’t want to ask for the phone number

When the young actor got the role of “Roger Brown,” he wanted to tell Hennie that he’s taking on the role of the same name.

– It’s not the same character, because it’s a different world and a different story, but it’s still the same name he played, says Bøyum when TV 2 meets him.

So the 25-year-old wanted to call Henny to let him know and hear what he thought. He would have appreciated it himself, had he been in a similar situation. But Bøyum did it in a very special way.

New history: the events of the new series are taking place

New history: The new series “Headhunters – The First Lie” is set 10 years before the events of Jo Nesbø’s novel. Photo: Lilian Golsvik

– I didn’t want to go to all the people who acted and ask for his number. I found his address and mailed him. So we just started sending messages, texts, and calls.

Bøyum says he got good advice and guidance from Hennie, and describes him as warm and loving. Then they shared experiences and ideas about their role and preparation.

– I thought it was just a nice thing to talk about, so it wouldn’t be weird if we met.

First Leading Role: The role of Roger Brown is Axel Bøyum's first leading role.  Photo: Lilian Golsvik

First Leading Role: The role of Roger Brown is Axel Bøyum’s first leading role. Photo: Lilian Golsvik

– scary to hit

In the role of a bounty hunter in the crime series, Bøyum faced challenges in many ways. TV 2 tells that he did the stunts himself, which included hitting a car and recording fight scenes.

– I think such things are fun, but I am against the idea that it is very cool to do all your stunts yourself. If you get injured, it suddenly affects everyone in the crew. He makes it clear that if it was too serious, I wouldn’t do it.

However, he says that he and the producer had a good dialogue the whole time, and so he decided to do everything himself.

First show: a movie show

Premiere: “The Headhunters – The First The First” will be shown on TV 2 Play on September 2. Photo: Simen Askjer/TV 2

– Were you afraid of something?

– Yes, very scared all the time. But you just have to do it. It’s worth it because you get all kinds of different angles that make it look cooler and feel better. The actor says it would be a better producer and adds:

– So I’m very glad I did, but it’s obviously scary to hit a car at 30 km/h. You can feel it.

Pushed to the limit

Before Bøyum landed the role, he was pushed to a new level. He went through a tough trial filming process that really tested him.

I haven’t been tested in many years. While filming the trial, they pushed me to the limit of what I could achieve as an actor. She was very nice and educational. I got a new engine for everything.

He adds that he thought it was cool and scary at the same time.

Character: Axel Boyum says that the character he plays in the series does not look like him.  Photo: Simen Askjer/TV 2

Character: Axel Boyum says that the character he plays in the series does not look like him. Photo: Simen Askjer/TV 2

– I really wanted it because it’s an insanely good screenplay. And even if it’s a good script, I just want to push it three notches higher as well.

– But they tested me and pushed me to the limits – I didn’t know that for a long time. It made me frustrated, happy and everything possible during the whole process, says the lead actor.

Boyum played in several series such as “Eyewitness”, “Hemipane”, “Cometine” and “Blasted”. However, he had never played a leading role before, and through the process he learned a whole new way of working.

– I’ve learned that it’s a difficult profession and that’s why you keep going. You must feel awful sometimes, and in the end it’s okay to fight to be as good as possible. You shouldn’t be on the lazy side and take it for granted, says Boyum.

We see Bounty hunters – the first lie on me TV 2 play From Friday 2 September.

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