Bad conscience about frying pancakes – VG

Bad conscience about frying pancakes - VG
Dissatisfied: Many of those who showed up at Eidsvolls Square in Oslo criticized the way the government handled high electricity prices.

On Thursday, the country witnessed demonstrations against the high electricity prices. In front of Parliament, the Facebook group “We Who Demand Cheaper Electricity” gathered a committed crowd.


The temperature showed zero degrees, but there was a high temperature among those outside Parliament at 5 pm on Thursday.

With posters and torches, they listened intently to those who appealed.

Torrid Johansen was among those who went to Parliament. She stood excitedly, wearing a reflective jacket, waiting for the demonstration to start.

I feel hopeless after paying the electric bill, says Johansen.

As the price of electricity has gone up, you are becoming more aware of everything you do in the house that can increase your electric bill.

Desperation: Todd Johanssen is one of many who has known the recent hike in electricity prices.

I have a bad conscience for frying pancakes or washing clothes. She says I go as manager after my husband and make sure the lights are off.

Requires lowest maximum electricity price

The demonstration in front of the Norwegian Parliament was just one of many. Throughout the day, there have been demonstrations across the country in Bergen, Stavanger and Kongsvinger, among other places.

In recent months, electricity prices have risen to record levels. The government has come up with several schemes to tackle the high prices, but they are still not enough, many believe.

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FrP leader Sylvi Listhaug and Rødt leader Bjørnar Moxnes were present during the demonstration to file an appeal.

Moxnes is not happy with the government’s support plan.

– Our requirement is a maximum price for all electricity for customers in Norway of 35 øre per kWh.

Involved: The temperature was elevated while Björnard Moxen resumed.

The government’s electricity subsidy scheme is part of the electricity bill for more than 70 øre per kilowatt-hour.

Moxness thinks that’s not good enough.

– I doubt if the seriousness sunk well with Støre.

– But the government recently increased its support from 55 percent to 80 percent. Is this not a sign that he understood the seriousness?

– If you were robbed and the thief returned 80 percent of what was taken from you, should you be grateful for that? Moxnes rhetorically asks and continues:

– it is my pleasure. It’s a constant burglary.

Sylvie Listauge, leader of the Rally for Change party, also attended to file an appeal against the rise in electricity prices.

Password: Those who demonstrated carried a slogan for the demonstration: “Big, we demand a maximum of 50 euros”.

Only you have heating in the room

The last to know the price of electricity on the body is Trond Johansen.

– It got to the point that it’s just our room is warm, he says.

He’s been part of the Facebook group “We’re Demanding Cheaper Electricity” since the beginning, and he’s happy about the members’ commitment.

Demonstrations: Trond Johanssen thinks it has gone too far.

The group has more than 500,000 members.

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Johansen believes the demonstrations are absolutely necessary.

– The government has to get to know the ordinary people, he says.

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