BAFTA 2022: Rainsvy in a custom-made Louis Vuitton dress

Nominated: Renate Rainsvi could win Best Actress. She appeared on the red carpet in a white Louis Vuitton gown with gold details.

Renate Reinsve was nominated for Best Actress.


Norwegian actress and star Rinat Rensvi (34) In London for this year’s BAFTA Awards. She was nominated for Best Actress for her role in “The Worst Man in the World”.

MinMote has always wondered what the actor would choose to wear on the red carpetAnd now we have the answer.

Choose Louis Vuitton

Since winning Cannes in 2021, Renzvy has been seen at Louis Vuitton on several occasions, and this year’s BAFTA award was no exception. The actor appeared on the red carpet in a white dress with a shiny gold robe on top.

Ren’s make-up artist Valeria Ferreira posted a photo of the Norwegian Instagram He writes that the outfit is a Louis Vuitton signature.

GREAT DETAILS: The gold belt at the waist is on top style. The outfit was topped with a chunky ring around the finger.
GOLDEN GIRL: Renate Reinsve was nominated for Best Actress during this year’s BAFTA Awards.

Rinsp’s clothing made headlines internationally. british newspaper online daily Mail He writes that Reinsve looks great in the white dress with gold detailing. They even use the adjectives “sexy” to describe the Norwegian star bowler.

THE LITTLE EXTRA: A top with gold detailing adds an interesting element to a white dress.
Brown tones: Reinsve’s makeup consists of eye shadows in brown tones, as well as a slightly pink-brown lipstick. The hair was tied in a knot.
Exclusive design: In February, Rensev wore her first Louis Vuitton dress. This dress was also not seen in their recent collections, which suggests a lot that it is “one of a kind”.

no surprise

Earlier this weekend at the BAFTA, Reinsve was also seen in a Louis Vuitton outfit. A few days before her arrival in London, the Norwegian was also in Paris for the show of the French brand. There I sat in the front row with stars like Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

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After her performance in “The World’s Worst Man” was internationally noted, Reinsve teamed up with famous fashion designer Karla Welch. The Norwegian actress is now on her client list along with well-known names such as Hailey Bieber and Tracee Ellis Ross.

Recently, the actor participated in a number of red carpets, and There, Louis Vuitton fashion was seen steadily and consistently. So it came as no big surprise that Rainsvi chose this particular designer at this year’s BAFTA Awards. Now we’re just waiting with excitement for what you pick at the Oscars at the end of March.

LOUIS VUITTON FRIEND: Renate Reinsve loves choosing Louis Vuitton when she walks the red carpet. She has worked closely with the brand since winning the coveted acting award at Cannes in 2021.

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