June 2, 2023


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Bambi's new translation - - I Predicted the Holocaust

Bambi’s new translation – – I Predicted the Holocaust

Since 1942, a Disney version of Bambi’s story has been on film and television screens.

The story of a deer calf making new friends when its mother is killed by poachers has been a family favorite for generations.

Now, a new translation of the book’s film is based on the fact that the story is much darker than the one Disney chose to tell.

– Bambi’s dark side has always been around, says Professor Jack Zipps Watchman. He researches German literature at the University of Minnesota and has translated the book back into English.

The book was called “Bambi – A Life from the Woods” and was written by Austrian Felix Salten in 1923. A new translation will be released on January 18, publisher Princeton Press wrote in their websites.

Alone: ​​In the book, Bambi ends her days alone and alone. Photo: GTV Archive / REX / NTB
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The struggle for survival

Salten once wrote a story about a struggle to survive when you are hunted into your home, says Zipps. From the moment Bambi was born, he has been on the run from hunters who arbitrarily enter the forest and attack.

The hunters shoot the animals they want.

All animals are persecuted. “I think what really shocks the reader is that there are some animals that are traitors and help hunters to kill,” the professor told the Guardian.

In the book, Bambi is considered a deer, while Disney made him a white-tailed deer, because he is not a deer in the United States.

I realized what would happen

The professor believed that Salten, who was himself a Jew, understood what was about to happen in Europe.

– I think he predicted the Holocaust. He suffered greatly from anti-Semitism, and at that time the Jews were blamed for losing the First World War. This book is a plea and an attempt to say: No, that doesn’t have to happen, says Zipps.

The Holocaust is a term used to describe the Nazi genocide of Jews during World War II. More than six million Jews were killed before and during the war.

The Nazis banned the book in 1933. By this time, Salten had already sold the film rights to an American director, who in turn sold the rights to Walt Disney. The Nazis deprived Salten of his Austrian citizenship, and he died stateless in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1945.

Coming: The new release is coming in mid-January.  Photo: Princeton Press

Coming: The new release is coming in mid-January. Photo: Princeton Press
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– Pathetic

Zips is not generous in his judgment of the Disney version of the story.

“What happened to Bambi at the end of the book somewhat obscured the fact that the Disney group had acquired the book and turned it into a pathetic, almost dumb, movie about a prince and a bourgeois family,” says Zipps. .

After Bambi’s mother dies, he is raised by an old prince. When the old prince also dies, Bambi is left without anyone.

– Bambi doesn’t live well after all. Blairala. Too lonely. Zipps says it’s a tragic story about the isolation of Jews and other minorities and how they stood alone.

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