Ban assesses NOR claims after accident at Arna

Ban assesses NOR claims after accident at Arna

The Bane NOR assesses whether there are grounds to allege Onrail was grossly negligent.

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In March this year, a freight train derailed at Arna station on the Bergen Railway. This caused extensive damage to both trains and infrastructure.

After the accident, the passenger train with 200 people was left inside the Arnanipa tunnel.

The cause of the derailment is yet to be determined. Two people were given the status of suspicion within days of the accident.

But in the letter Bane sent to NOR, it appears the company wants to assess how much blame should be placed on Onrail, the company that owns the freight train.

Concession train removed from track at Arna station here.

– Indirect costs refer to consequential losses, in addition, some losses are specifically defined in contracts with railway companies, explains Ann Kirkusmo, reporter at Bane NOR. Technical Weekly (TU).

Being grossly negligent is a significant departure from normal, responsible behavior, Bane NOR emphasizes.

OneRail boss Henning Andal is not worried about the results of the investigation.

– Onrail knows the sequence of events well. The company did not act negligently, he tells TU.

OnRail's freight train derailed at Arna station on Friday, March 17.

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