Bank of Troy destroys Norway – ITavisen

Bank of Troy destroys Norway - ITavisen

“The Medusa Trojan was first registered as the best malware in Norway according to Check Point Software’s monthly malware report,” the security company reports.

Three dangerous Trojans have a relatively high distribution in Norway

The Trojan was discovered in July 2020, and it is unfortunately now at the top of the list of the most distributed malicious goods in Norway.

Check Point reports that the Trojan is sent as an SMS in phishing attempts “and is known to target financial institutions in Turkey, North America and Europe. Among the malware’s various features, it has key recording and audio and video broadcasts.”

Medusa has a distribution of 1.6 percent in Norway and 0.03 percent globally. Emotet and FormBook have the same distribution in Norway, but are both 14.12 percent and 4.38 percent larger, respectively.

This is also active

Emotet is also a bank trojan that spreads through malware and other malicious campaigns. “The code is spread via scam emails with dangerous attachments or links.” Emotet uses a number of techniques to avoid detection.

FormBook is referred to as “infostealer” and is targeted at Windows after its discovery in 2016. FormBook is sold as “Malware as a Service” (MaaS) on the dark web.

The Trojan is popular because it is inexpensive and has advanced techniques to avoid detection. The Trojan retrieves login information from a variety of browsers, and can take screenshots and record what has been typed. In addition, the Trojan can download and install more malware if it is notified by the hackers’ command center.

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