June 10, 2023


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Bård Tufte Johansen has had a terrible accident

Comedian and presenter Bård Tufte Johansen reveals a small incident.

– This sad

The profile of “Nytt på Nytt” appears to have a hook in its face, near the eye.

Comedian and actress Pernille Sorensen moved to tears after her latest recording of NRK Nytt på nytt. Reporter: Sophie Lussin / Dagbladet. Video: Harvard T.-L. Knutsen/Dagbladet TV
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He shared the photo himself on Monday, via Instagram’s story post.

Above the bloody image, he wrote: “You must have a little luck.”

Warning: - Don't do that!

Warning: – Don’t do that!

Dagbladet has contacted Tufte Johansen for comment, so far without a response.

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