June 10, 2023


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Barn fire in Wagga with 200 sheep – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

The activity building is located near Rv 15 between Vågåmo and Lom, just north of Vågåmo centre. Passers-by saw the fire and informed the fire brigade. All the emergency services rushed in, but when they arrived the barn was fully engulfed in flames. Firefighters were unable to save the building, but were able to stop the fire from spreading.

Operations manager Erik Dronnes tells NRK that they are lucky that the wind has been false in recent days. The calm weather made it easier to contain the fire.
Firefighters have been evacuated from both Vågå and the neighboring towns of Sel and Lom.

Ambulances also arrived in the city to check on firefighters who had suffered smoke inhalation.
– But there don’t seem to be any injuries, says Tronce.

Long Range: Fire is seen from the center of Vaga. The air is calm in Ottalane so there is no risk of transmission.

Photo: Inger Johan Solli / NRK

Animals are transported to nearby farms

It is certain that several animals were burned inside, but emergency manager Eric Troenes could not say how many. But some are saved.
When the fire brigade arrived at the scene, some sheep were rescued.
Many volunteers have come to the farm to help during the fire. Our reporter at the scene reports that the surviving sheep and lambs have been taken to a neighboring farm and driven to other sheds where they may be.

Erik Trønnes Head of Operations, Police of Inlandet

ANSWER CHAIRPERSON: Eric Tronnes says several animals were burned inside the barn at Wagga.

Photo: Pål Plassen / NRK

The fire occurred when most of the sheep were calving, but as spring was late in the mountain villages, they had not yet been put on the ground.
The cause of the fire is unknown.
– It won’t be easy to find either, because the barn was completely destroyed by fire, says Eric Trans.

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