Barron Trump: – Surprises of Trump’s son

Barron Trump: – Surprises of Trump’s son

It has already been two and a half years since Joe Biden (80 years old) took over as President of the United States, following Donald Trump (77 years old). The latter has been seen and heard of many times since then, perhaps not surprisingly.

And whoever shines in his absence is the youngest son, Barron Trump (17 years old). He has not been seen since the fall of last year, when he was seen in public with his father.

– Does not appear

The 17-year-old makes headlines almost every time he appears in public, and this time is no exception. This even though it didn’t do much to attract attention.

A widely publicized audio recording, obtained by CNN, clearly shows that Donald Trump knows he is talking to others about classified documents. Photo/Video: Cameraony, NTB. Correspondent: Annabelle Brun/Dagbladet-TV
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going viral

Now an old photo of a 17-year-old has gone viral again.

For several years, many have noted the rise of the president’s son. A quick Google search shows that it is 201 cm above the ground.

Scandals of Trump's sons

Scandals of Trump’s sons

In 2021, a photo of Trump’s son went viral, where you can clearly see his actual height. The image spread quickly across the internet at the time, and gained momentum again last year. Now many people put up the old picture again, especially later Tik Tok There are more people discussing the 17-year-old tall body.

“Nothing at all can prepare me for knowing Trump’s son’s height!” user writes. The video has so far been viewed nearly 13 million times.

Many users compare Barron’s height with basketball legend LeBron James, 38, who is 206 cm tall.

“Tell him the Lakers need a center,” one writes, while another adds: “Tell him the Lakers need a center.”

Filmed again: Barron Trump has been photographed again for the first time in over a year. Video: A.B
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“He must have had the worst growing pains.”

“What do they feed him?” A third adds, while the fourth indicates:

“I feel like people forget how far along Donald and Melania are.”

About children: - It hurts

About children: – It hurts


Although Barron rarely appears in public, his father is often seen in the media.

These days, the former president appears mostly in arrest photos, which have been circulating since they were taken last week – at the Fulton County Jail outside Atlanta. Among other things, the former president faces 78 charges in three different cases.

raises eyebrows Twitter users were convinced that Donald Trump had hired a replacement for Melania Trump. Video: A.B
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It is likely that Barron’s height was inherited. In the prison papers, which we discuss here, among others, Trump states that he is 190 cm tall.

His wife Melania Trump, 53, according to Business interested180 cm tall.

Donald and Melania Trump married in Florida in 2005. The following year, in March 2006, Barron was born. He is the couple’s only child together.

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