Battery factory, Hergut | Battery factory in Hergott: – He was too optimistic

Battery factory, Hergut |  Battery factory in Hergott: – He was too optimistic

In 2021, it became known that Nordkraft and Stolt-Nielsen wanted to build a battery factory on a huge plot of land in Hergot, and the company Narvik Batteri was created.

At the time, there were four Norwegian battery initiatives underway. Fryer, Moreau, Beyonder and the joint initiative of Hydro, Equinor and Panasonic. The latter has been shelved, while Freer is currently experiencing harsh weather. At the same time Elinor batteries appeared.

Aker also signed up early for the Narvik initiative. Just over two years ago, they stated that Narvik was an ideal location for battery production and highlighted, among other things, access to clean, cheap energy and good industrial infrastructure.

Do not place on shelf

Nordkraft CEO Eirik Frantzen said at the time that they hoped to put the shovel in the ground in 2023 and complete the first construction phase in 2025. Now he says that was very optimistic, but points out that the plans have not been shelved.

He admits it A weekly art magazinewho reported this issue for the first time.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think about this,” says Franzen.

He points out that there are three main reasons why construction of the battery factory has not yet begun:

  • Organizing the conspiracy.
  • Find out where to focus in the battery value chain. Mackenzie was hired for this work.

  • A European partner that can contribute industrially and technically to the project.

He adds: – If all this is achieved, the dream is to start construction next year.

Plans for the Hergott Energy Park were put out for consultation in October. Decided by the Main Committee for Planning and Development in Narvik.

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It is an intervention that requires an area in Hergot and has been put forward for consultation. The area in question is 800 acres. Plans include extensive terrain planning and replacement, as well as Strandelva routing to prevent flooding.

Power and money

When asked if they had enough energy to set up a battery factory, Frantzen said Statenett would probably say no, but the region has enough.

-I think everything will be fine. What is certain, however, is that Europe needs batteries. “We are focused on ensuring that in northern Norway we have the land, infrastructure and everything needed to contribute,” he says.

Regarding Fryer, who is experiencing severe weather during the day, Frantzen says he knows very little about this and is therefore a little cautious about making a statement. However, he notes that there has been too much focus on executive pay, benefits, and IRAs.

Frantzen also says they have not reached the point where significant investments need to be made to start investing in Narvik. He is convinced that everything will work out when you get this far.

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