Battery factory phase contract

Battery factory phase contract

Morrow Batteries has entered into an agreement with Norwegian real estate developer Fabridas to build a pilot factory for a battery factory in Arendal.

This will be the case when the entrance to the pilot factory is completed.
Photo: Fabricius

Arendt: – I am pleased that we are now one step closer to establishing our pioneer pilot factory. “Our partner, Fabridius, has a wealth of experience with a number of key projects,” Morrow Batteries CEO Terje Andersen said in a statement.

The pilot factory will be the first part of the construction of a large battery factory planned at the Aid Energy Park in Arendal. Construction on the pilot plant is expected to begin in February 2022. Work is already underway on the site.

The pilot plant is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2023.

It has been less than a year since Moro decided to set up a giant battery factory in Arendal. After this, Arendal Municipality, Morrow and partners worked hard to place zoning plans and infrastructure.

CEO Derje Anderson at Marrow Batteries and CEO Asgeir Solheim at Fabritius.

Asgeir Solheim, CEO of Fabgeirius, says:

Vedake will be confirmed as the contractor and the building application will be sent by the end of November.

The pilot factory building will be 23,500 square meters. In addition to a production facility, there will be space for management in the building. It will be the gateway to the entire factory area for a long time to come.

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