Be warned about inappropriate sexual behavior

Be warned about inappropriate sexual behavior

Former Signhild Stave Samuelsen of Senterungdommen in Vest-Agder warned of an incident involving sexual harassment at a national meeting in 2018.


Sinehild Steve Samuelson of Christian Market currently sits on the Central Committee of the Centennial.
Photo: Ragnhild Stokka Dyngeland

Christianchand: – I wish this incident had been apart. The male party member laid his hands on me where he should not have done, Sieghild tells Steve Samuelson Fedreland’sven.

The story was first told by the former district head of Centurion in West-Actor TV2.

After Odd Roger Enoksen resigned, TV 2 conducted a poll among 100 former members of the youth organization after leading to a new debate on dealing with sexual harassment.

Of the TV2 speakers, four former members spoke of specific instances of inappropriate behavior with curved power relations between 2005 and 2020.

Have apologized

Former District Secretary of the Center Party Nut M. Olson was contacted. He urged her to form a formal warning against the current SP politician.

The person received a reaction and apologized, which Samuelson believes was a remedy. He believes in cautionary practices in party work.

– I believe the Metoo campaign has made it easier for all companies to report inappropriate behavior. When it comes to light what was previously wiped under the rug, new unacceptable events can be prevented from happening, says expatriate Christianchand woman.

The importance of transparency

He believes that an open mind and focus on Metoo is important in corporate life.

Sinehild Steve Samuelson is currently a deputy to the Municipal Board in Rockland and sits on the Central Committee of the Centennial.

In late April, it became clear that Center Woman, the center’s party’s women’s organization, was proposing changes to the party’s announcement procedures, including one of those handling announcements at the party.

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