Be, was | A meteorologist reports mixed weather for the next few days

Be, was |  A meteorologist reports mixed weather for the next few days

Some get shirt weather, others must bring umbrellas and rain jackets.

In Notodden in Vestfold and Telemark, a full 27 scored on Sunday at 4pm, while Vestlandet and Voss wouldn’t be much worse with a score of 26.8. However, this fine weather has no plans to give up in the next few days:

South of Diaspora and Dover, there are long periods of sunshine. Temperatures remain around 20 degrees or more. The highest temperatures are likely to be Østafjells, says on-duty meteorologist Martin Granrod to Nettavisen.

– Here is a beautiful end to the three months of summer, and he concludes with his talk about the whole region.

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Western Norway will get cooler air first, possibly as early as Tuesday, while Østafjells will last for a few more days.

At the same time, there will not be all the world with winds in the area, except for one place:

– There may be a small northern storm on the coast of western Norway south of Diaspora, says the meteorologist.

cold in central norway

Further north, at Møre og Romsdal and Trøndelag, it will be a cooler and bigger reason to find the jacket. It can also be a smart move to bring out an umbrella.

– They are more affected by the low pressure that eventually enters the Norwegian Sea. Granerød says it will be a little cloudy here, and there may also be some rain.

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– The further north you go in this area, the more rain will fall, the meteorologist predicts, adding that there will be more and more rain as the week continues.

Here there will be a little less wind than in South Diaspora, with a breeze from the west mainly.

wet in northern Norway

Perhaps not unexpectedly, it’s Nordland, Troms, and Finnmark that kick off fall first, according to meteorologists.

It is the low pressure in the Norwegian Sea that will affect the weather there. It looks like it’s already raining in earnest on Tuesday. In some places, you can get 30-50 mm of rain during that day. The plateau and eastern Finnmark are probably the ones that get away with most of this rainfall. The rest of the area will likely become quite damp.

Temperatures will be around 10-12 degrees on Tuesday, dropping all week.

It will also be colder in Spitsbergen throughout the week by about 5°C on Thursday and Friday.

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