Be, was | Big low pressure on the way – here it will still be summer

Be, was |  Big low pressure on the way – here it will still be summer

Record high temperature and low pressure at the same time – the weather gods are back from summer vacation.

On Tuesday afternoon, it is quite clear what will characterize the weather in Norway for the next few days:

– There’s a lot of low pressure coming from the west, on-the-job meteorologist Julie Solsvik Fagan tells Nettavisen.

This brings with it a lot of rain. The meteorologist says has sent out a hazard warning for much of the rain in Trøndelag and Helgeland, but also Nordland and Moore og Romsdal will have parts of this storm.

The warning of danger is valid until midday tomorrow. It can be shallow water, and you have to pay a little attention if you are driving outside. The NVE has issued a warning for both floods and landslides, says Solsvik Vågane.

In connection with the significant low pressure, there will also be some winds:

There can be a severe storm in the most exposed places, says the meteorologist.

And she expects the weather to be really subdued on Wednesday:

– It’s likely to last a bit in some places, especially in Møre og Romsdal tomorrow night, but other than that it will be lighter tomorrow and the next few days, says Solsvik Vågane.

eastern norway

Until then, large parts of central and northern Norway have received a yellow warning of wind gusts, but winds will also be felt elsewhere in the country.

If you imagine that low pressure is spinning towards Trondelag and Nordland, the wind field will come from the north and northwest and blow over the mountains in southern Norway, says the meteorologist.

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You will feel the wind in the mountains, but also on the east side of the altimeters:

– So eastern Norway is a bit sheltered from precipitation, but it will get some wind, Solsvik Vågane summarizes. Otherwise, there will be some sun and pleasant temperatures for eastern Norway over the next few days.


And already on Monday, meteorologists broadcast the possibility of a record-breaking temperature in Oslo, that is, the number of days when temperatures are more than 20 degrees during the summer (summer days in the Nordic countries).

– There are great chances for us to break the record, says the meteorologist.

Both Monday and Tuesday qualified for the record. Thus, you are awake for 77 days. The record from 2006 is 78, and it looks like it was already broken on Wednesday.

Here it will be better

In western Norway, it will be a bit more varied in the next couple of days:

– It wouldn’t be too big nor too bad. A little bit of rain here and there, today and tomorrow, but after the low pressure subsides during Wednesday, the weather can be fine here too.

– Sørlandet has the best weather right now. Especially in Agder, people are a bit immune to the rain and the worst winds. The temperature also looks good, with the temperature rising, especially on Wednesdays, says Solsvik Vågane.

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