Beef, Bergen International Film Festival | Good (36) from Bergen can win: – I was upset with Nav

Beef, Bergen International Film Festival |  Good (36) from Bergen can win: – I was upset with Nav

It’s insideInspired by a real case Which received great media attention in the summer of 2021.

Naf refused a request for electricity support, and the case manager pointed out that the disabled man could get a free grill on, for cooking without using electricity.

The discussion on electricity and electricity subsidies, not least the financial challenges, continues to be of great importance.

Jade Herrem Axnes from Bergen was pretty sure when she came across the news story: This is a movie.

Aksnes says the story flowed from her in a day. The scenario was suddenly complete.

– She was dissatisfied with the wording of the rejection letter from the public authorities that gave the associations “Let them eat cake.” People should be treated with respect and not met with more distrust the less you trust, believes the director.

The result was “Grill,” a satirical look at how one of the world’s richest countries deals with poverty.

to reject

In the film, filmed in Bergen, we meet Tara Birgitte, who received NOK 600 in social assistance from Nav, but was denied electricity subsidies.

It’s summer and the weather is nice, so the case manager points out that there are many free barbecues to be found on

Tara, who has no money in her account, has no other choice.

– Aknes says: – I wanted to show how things could go if you implemented the ridiculous suggestion of having a barbecue to solve financial problems.

In the lead role of “Grill” we find Birgit Larsen, known from the suitably blockbuster “Gritt”.

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– That’s what I thought of when I wrote the script. I’ve always loved what I did. “Frode Winther and Issaka Sawadogo are also involved, and it was a pleasure to work with all of them,” says Axnes.

Nominated for an award

The short film is one of eight, and the only film from Bergen, nominated for Biff’s 2023 Best Norwegian Short Film Award.

It is scheduled to be screened at the Bergen International Film Festival on Friday.

– The film’s premiere will be in Norway, and it is very nice that it will be shown in our city.

So far, the film has been selected to participate in 13 international film festivals and has been nominated for 14 awards. Among others, Best Short Film and Best Actor.

Produced with grants from the Norwegian Film Institute, Vestnorsk Filmsenter, Fund for Sound and Image, and Fritt Ord.

– Although the events take place in Norway and in the Norwegian system, it was important for me to highlight the universality of the topic. I am very happy that the film will be released globally as well.

From the world of short films, Aksnes is now developing his first feature film with a grant from the Norwegian Film Institute.

– It will be the same main character.

Jade Harem Exness

Director and screenwriter from Bergen.

He graduated from the American Film Institute Conservatory in Los Angeles.

He has directed and written a number of short films that have been shown at 80 film festivals and won 17 awards.

In 2022, she received a state work grant for emerging young artists. In 2023, she received a film work grant from the municipality of Bergen.

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He works with the family at the production company Zarepta Film Production AS in Bergen.

He is now developing his first feature film with a grant from the Norwegian Film Institute’s NEO talent programme.

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