“Before we put the epidemic behind us, we must deal with the use of force”

"Before we put the epidemic behind us, we must deal with the use of force"

The strict rules had dire consequences.

Ulvik was badly damaged by a volcanic eruption a year ago. At that time, a decision was made to ban local visits.
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This is a captain. The editorial expresses Bergens Tidende’s journalistic idea: a politically independent, independent, liberal and bourgeois (non-socialist) party newspaper.

Diapers this weekend Remove the last coronary artery stricture. After two years in a somewhat emergency situation, the Norwegians have regained almost all of their freedom.

But before we give up on the pandemic for good, it’s time to take a stand on the way it has been handled. In the name of the state of emergency, laws and rules were enacted which limited people’s freedom to a large extent.

An overview prepared by BT shows that Norwegian municipalities have adopted 900 local regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each should have had a basis for documenting the risks and assessing whether they were related to this.

But after requesting access to several local regulations in western Norway, it turns out that basic provisions are often very lacking or not at all.

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When Olvik was infected, people risked imprisonment if they visited each other

Often the explanation is that the infection increased rapidly and the government had to do something in no time. In many smaller municipalities, there is also a lack of legal expertise.

its limitations Many cases were necessary to overcome the infection. But as long as basic evidence is not written down or is too scarce, it is impossible to assess and follow up on whether measures are in line with the risks.

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It is important to remember that although strict measures have prevented infection, they have also had serious and negative consequences in people’s lives. It also made people sick, and the measures were in part more dangerous than the coronavirus. Now is the time to investigate and learn from this. Both to be able to heal damage where possible, but also to prevent similar things from happening again.

coronary artery disease It facilitated the unusually high use of power by the government at both the national and local levels. Due to the high confidence, most Norwegians complied with orders, prohibitions, and recommendations without asking many questions. However, this does not mean that everything is fine.

This is the reason for taking a decisive stand, as well as for confidence the next time a crisis requires the government to take extraordinary measures.


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