Being, Spring | The weatherman doesn’t have good news about the weather

Being, Spring |  The weatherman doesn’t have good news about the weather

Easter is over and many have been able to enjoy the sunshine for the past week. Now everyday life is here. And with it comes gray weather.

– It looks gray at first to you, says Martin Granerod, a meteorologist at the Meteorological Institute. Ringsaker Magazine.

Expect nothing but a taste of spring in the coming days, according to forecasts. It will be very wet and grey.

– It will rain until Friday, at least. Expect about 10 millimeters of rain on Tuesday. Where there is still snow, even if there is not much rainfall, it may be a good idea to remove it to avoid excess water, says Granerød.

According to meteorologists, the temperature will be 6-7 degrees. There will be extra degrees at night.

On Wednesday, the day will start with some fog, which will lighten up during the day.

– On this day, we may get some glimpses of the sun in the afternoon before both Thursday and Friday again deliver gray weather with 10-15 millimeters of rain.

And then there’s the high uncertainty associated with the weekend.

– We’re pretty sure it’ll be mostly gray until Friday. Saturn, as it looks right now, will be pretty similar, but we have some predictions that indicate there could be some pleasant spring weather on this day. Other forecasts call for more gray weather throughout the weekend, the meteorologist says.

According to Granerød, there is nothing to indicate that there will be a risk of landslides in exposed areas with heavy rainfall in a short period of time.

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