Believes Grill should have done a different job – VG

Believes Grill should have done a different job – VG

MJØNDALEN (VG) (Mjøndalen – Brann 1-1) They went ahead, played ten men, had control – and then cornered goalkeeper Lennart Grill Brann in a fresh knockout against Mjøndalen.


With 1-1 in the elite game at Consto Arena on Sunday night, Bran must continue the decades-old attempt to get ghost drafts out of the football stats.

– It feels incredibly delicious. It’s a long second from when I hit the ball until it goes into the goal there. I just dealt with the situation and the support from the entire Konstowe, as “match winner” Lars Olden-Larsen says of Myndalen to VG.

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His delicate move on Bran goalkeeper Lennart Grill – half a distance after his own boxing – still means Bergen have not won. I Mjøndalen since May 22, 1975. against Mjøndalen, no matter Bergen or Buskerud, hasn’t happened since 1992.

It’s hard to believe the stats held up in October 2021. Mjøndalen’s Albin Sporong was sent off just before the break, Bran was one on both team and goals and didn’t give up scoring opportunities.

Until Joachim Olsen Solberg managed a long pass from midfield, Lennart Grill caught the duel between his own midfielder Japhet Seri Larsen and Mjondalen striker Fredrik Brostad and blocked the ball straight into Lars Olden-Larsen’s foot.

– We’ll handle it better. We’ll have better pressure in the ball carrier, so we don’t get that duel, we get very passive all over the field. Mjøndalen is getting long balls on us, so we’re not good enough to handle them, says Fredrik Balesen Knudsen, Bran’s sealer for VG.

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Would he prefer to let the defender take over the fencing?

– Yes, really, he should have done it. “The shit happens.” He fights away, but falls into his lap. Balesin Knudsen thinks it’s a stroke of luck at the intersection.

once again! Isaac Toom takes over Myndalne’s top scorer Lars Olden Larsen. To the left is Frederic Brostad.

Grill stood in the press area and explained that he was unlucky.

He’s an offensive goalkeeper and we have to take some mistakes. Bran coach Eric Hornland says he is developing well and has done well for us.

– It’s hard to say. If he’s going out, he has to catch him or put him in a box that is higher and farther away. But I would love for the goalkeepers to come out and hopefully keep that up, Sivert Heltne Nilsen tells VG.

With a glint in his eye, the midfield dynamo will be hoping the club won’t beat Myndalen next year either – hoping to be Bran’s football opponent in another league. But Magondalen’s coach Vigaard Hansen was hoping to clear the place for the third season in a row after 1-1 Sunday night.

– Six points even Bran was a lot. Not impossible, but difficult. We are now with.

– Do you think you would have landed if you had lost here?

– No, I don’t want to say that. We did not give up. Hansen replies: We think we were close in all the matches except for the Molde match, where we played.

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Admittedly, they did not participate fully in the first half against Bran. The guests took the lead when striker Aune Heggebø intercepted the ball in midfield, arching his neck in a Braut manner and setting the pace.

Instead of going by himself this time, as he did at Åråsen a few rounds ago, he played via Robert Taylor. The Finn put the lead between midfielder Daniil Janowski’s legs, and although Bran didn’t create many chances before or after the goal, they clearly looked the most dangerous in the Konsto Arena for a long time.

They did the same from 1-1 and went out. In front of several distant fans from the battalion, who filled the entire stadium in red cloaks in the rain, came a desperate rush to win the “six-point battle” that no one could lose – and at the same time had an impact on Mjøndalen’s stats.

First, Monga Simba was mumbling alone with Socha Makani after grabbing the ball from Olsen Solberg, but he put the finish on the wrong side of the post.

In addition, Makani refused both Robert Taylor to put his second goal in, and then Matthias Rasmussen as a substitute when Bran’s player fouled the post-keeper against Mjøndalen. In the end, he also got a good help from the model when Simba tried to work overtime.

– It’s a bit hard to keep in mind that we only get one point. Eric Hornland says it wasn’t quite “supposed to be” today.

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