Benjamin Ingrosso: Chased by fans

Benjamin Ingrosso: Chased by fans

Benjamin Ingrosso on the main stage of the Mesos. Photo: Bastian Lunde Hvitmehr, VG

“There were seven people outside my door listening,” he told VG.

On Friday the artist was at home in his apartment in Stockholm, and on Saturday he was in Norway and meeting with VG.

“The day before yesterday I was sitting in my apartment at home and playing the piano. Then I heard a voice outside the door,” Benjamin Ingrosso, 26, tells VG.

He went to see what was happening.

“Then I looked through the peephole and there were seven people outside my door listening,” says Benjamin Ingrosso (26).

The artist says he was surprised to see someone had arrived at the front door where he lives.

Later in the evening the door opened, and there was still a girl standing there who said she was a big fan.

“It was a bit uncomfortable,” he said.

When he woke up the next day, he had received a long letter that was on the doormat outside his front door.

Photo: Bastian Lunde Hvitmehr, VG

– So you've been stalked?

– Yes, I think some of my neighbors let them in.

VG meets Ingrosso before he performs at Palmissos.

“You look so good today,” the artist exclaimed on the city beach in Kristiansand.

A few weeks ago, Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet wrote that the 26-year-old is dating Australian influencer Ashton Wood (30 years old).

He didn't want to comment further on his relationship with VG, other than that life was good during the day.

“I get love every day from friends, family and the public, so things are going well,” the artist says.

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Spectators cheer as Benjamin Ingrosso performs in Palmissos. Photo: Bastian Lunde Hvitmehr, VG

VG asked the artist who has the most “crazy” fans about him and his sister Bianca Ingrosso.

– Bianca, I think. At least at home in Sweden.

– But you have more here in Norway?

– Yes I think.

However, he also faces a huge fan base in his homeland.

The artist also says that during a concert in Norway, he found 16 bras thrown on stage.

“It's something the band and I talk about a lot,” he says, laughing.

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