February 3, 2023


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BERGEN – Two people with unknown injuries were sent to the hospital after an apartment fire in NRK Westland.

Two people were taken to Hackland University Hospital with injuries of unknown severity after one Fire in the basement of an apartment in Møhlenpris, Bergen.

One person was given CPR at the scene, says Rune Wedeler, chief of police in the Western Police District.

No one else was injured.

Work on site: The fire brigade and police are working on the site, says Rune Wedeler, chief of police operations.


Entire residences were vacated

Firefighters rushed to the flats at around 9.30pm on Wednesday following a report of smoke.

Smoke divers were sent into the basement apartment and were able to partially extinguish the fire.

The incident resulted in the evacuation of the entire five-storey block of 12 flats. It is not known how many people will be allowed to return to their homes tonight.

Smoke growth Møhlenpris

Mehlenbris: A fire broke out in a residential block in Mohlenbris in central Bergen.

Photo: Anette Berentsen

It gets hot in the bus

At the request of the police, Bergen Municipality provided a bus where the evacuees could warm up while the police and fire service investigated the apartments.

– If the police think they need it, they can be taken to an emergency hotel, information advisor Ola Henning Molsnes said at 23.50 in the municipality of Bergen.

In the middle of the night, reports Tom Johannesen, Operations Manager in the Western Police District P.T Accommodation is required for 10-12 people.

The fire was brought under control at 22.27 hrs. It was declared extinguished at 22.45.

The cause of the fire is currently unknown.

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