Best Navigation App: – Google Maps is the second best app

Best Navigation App: - Google Maps is the second best app

With over 10 billion downloads from the Play Store, and pre-installed on most Android phones, Google Maps is undoubtedly the most widely used mapping app globally.

However, Google “only” comes in second when Counterpoint Research has done its job Annual analysis of mapping solutions. In the back seat we find TomTom, while Apple Maps has to take 15th place in the list of a total of 27 ranked solutions.

Because here’s who took first place again this year – for the fifth year in a row.

Comprehensive reviews

Counterpoint evaluated more than 65 criteria, grouped into seven categories. The winner, here, has the highest score in all categories and finishes at 516 out of 660 points, ahead of Google in second place with 451 points. TomTom scored 387 points in third place. Moreover, we find Apple with a score of 231 points. In the place behind Apple we find Bing Maps from Microsoft (213 points).

Parts of evaluations, such as developer and partner ecosystems and the like, may not be very important to end users. In the map data, there is only one point separating the two at the top (88 vs. 87), and only two points Put your wits (82 vs 80 points). The distance is slightly larger in the location services – 77 against 72 points.

Counterpoint also stands out Mapbox in fifth place as a platform with good daily torque, which also offers good features when it comes to the driver’s experience, with, for example, lane guidance, speed limits and a good search function.

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Here, Google is the best

According to Counterpoint, Google is best at comprehensive map data – scope, coverage, depth, points of interest, Use of augmented reality and entertainment information.

Here, however, it shows best in more than 40 criteria, for example on map up-to-date, indoor maps, navigation and route selection, services for electric vehicle owners and tracking/location, as well as developer support, privacy and security.

The full report has not yet been published.

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