May 18, 2022


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Best sold in 2021 at Telia

Best sold in 2021 at Telia

The iPhone 13 Pro Max was the most popular mobile phone in the month of Christmas shopping in December, while the iPhone 12 was the best seller for the entire past year.

In fourth place we find the first product from the competitor, which is of course Samsung, which will not surprise you who followed the lists last year. In December, Samsung was not found until it took fifth place again with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The iPhone has been on top all year

“Apple and Samsung are strong among Telia customers, sharing the entire top list, with eight and seven models in the top 15 respectively. Apple’s iPhone 13 series stands firmly on the podium, while Samsung Galaxy Z Flip climbed to tenth place.”, sums up Telia.

These top lists would have been more interesting if there were more than two, sometimes three with OnePlus in low positions, that would regularly have competed with the same two companies that have some kind of ongoing monopoly, at least among Telia customers.

The list of best-selling phones in a total of 2121 together consists of only two brands: Apple and Samsung. All Samsung models on the top list support 5G from Telia, while the slightly older Apple models, the iPhone 11 and SE, are the only ones on the top list that don’t support 5G.


Top 10 December 2021 – Put the last month in parentheses:

1. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (2)

2. Apple iPhone 13 Pro (1)

3. Apple iPhone 13 (3)

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4. Apple iPhone 12 (4)

5. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (5)

6. Samsung Galaxy S21 (6)

7. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G (9)

8. Apple iPhone 13 mini (10)

9. Apple iPhone 12 Pro (8)

10. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 (14) *

and 11-15

11. Samsung Galaxy S21 + (13)

12. Apple iPhone 11 (menu back)

13. Samsung Galaxy A52s (7)

14. Apple iPhone 12 mini (11)

15. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 (menu back)

Despite its launch late this year, Apple managed to put three-quarters of this year’s models in the top 10 list. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3 makes foldable mobile phones accessible to most people, and this type of product is growing in popularity.


Samsung S21 Ultra was Samsung’s best seller at Telia in 2021.

First list all year 2021

1. Apple iPhone 12

2. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

3. Apple iPhone 12 Pro

4. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

5. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

6. Apple iPhone 13 Pro

7. Samsung Galaxy S21

8. Apple iPhone 12 mini

9. Apple iPhone 11

10. Apple iPhone 13

and 11-15

11. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

12. Samsung Galaxy S21 +

13. Apple iPhone SE (2nd generation 2020)

14. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

15. Samsung Galaxy A52s

The lists are arranged by sales volume and are based on sales in 52 Telia stores, on and through the Customer Center.