Betty White’s Special Wish: A Private Funeral – VG

Betty White's Special Wish: A Private Funeral - VG
Myth: Betty White is referred to as an icon in Hollywood. She turned 99 years old.

Film and TV star Betty White passed away on New Year’s Eve – 17 days before she turned 100.

White, the woman in the world who can boast the longest career in television, He died Which is reported to be natural causes in their home on the morning of December 31, 2021.

The funeral is now being planned, and it will be kind of intimate, friend and client Jeff Whitgas told him People.

The event was treated privately, and it was Betty’s own wish. As he says when she was alive, Betty didn’t want much attention from those around her.

Witgas does not reveal the last farewell date with Al-Abyad.

If someone wants to honor her, they can do so by making a donation to one or more of her favorite charities or to a local animal welfare center of their choice, he adds.

Although the funeral will take place without public scrutiny, White’s hometown of Illinois will host a tribute to the deceased star on January 15 in front of the Lake Theater, he writes Fox News.

Memories: After Betty White passed away, fans laid flowers, candles, and memorial tributes to her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

White was cooking until recently. After Panther Aunts, she was seen in a host of series, such as “Ally McBeal”, “Providence”, “That 70s Show”, “Ugly Betty”, “Boston Legal”, “Glamour” and “30 Rock”. “- For example, but not limited.

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background: 93 years old and still the queen of TV

In her youth, White was told that she was not “attractive enough” for television. He did not discourage young Betty, who dreamed of becoming a star. Instead, she landed a job on the radio and quickly became a well-known voice.

A few years later, the TV dream came true, and in 1954 she got her own talk show.

– Now that I’m 91, as opposed to only 90, I’m wiser. I’m more attentive, and I’m much sexier, White male nine years ago.

White has been married three times, but has never had children. She was the stepmother of three children.

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