Between Karp and Berg – VG

Between Karp and Berg - VG

Halfway through the coronation of the Spektrum carp as a national treasure, it’s time to ask the question: What now?


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22 years after Carp made his debut at Ungdommens Kulturmønstring, 12 years after “Aldri soldg en løgn” became the first hip-hop album to top the VG chart And the Four years later, they dropped Dim from the name Karpe is undoubtedly the most successful folk music initiative in the modern history of Norway.

project It is much more than music.

Especially in recent years, both Chirag Rachmikant Patel and Majdi Omar Tatradi Abdul Majeed have had an impressive focus in the business, from the outside.

In addition to the ability to implement which is certainly completely unique.

after, after Half of the ten Spectrum parties It’s time to wonder what they’re going to do next. How the duo will “top” this. Will it be 10x Telenor Arena (about 230,000 tickets). 10x FoldSloca (about 600,000 tickets)?

Or should they do like Håkan Hellstrøm?

At regular intervals, the Swedish national treasure sells the Olivier Stadium in his hometown of Gothenburg. The 48-year-old is celebrating his 22nd birthday as a solo artist (postponed by two years) for a total of approx. 300,000 fans.

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From a Norwegian perspective, Karpe could return to the Oslo Spektrum regularly with more and more concerts. 50… 100… 10 years at Spektrum?

The answer is probably the same as with everything else under the auspices of Apen & Kjeften: It would be something completely different than we imagined.

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The live music industry, which is back in business after so many years of battling pandemics, seems unable to do much other than what it once was. With the exact same bands as before.

Karpe’s exciting feature is that it shows the audience something new and something unexpected. Synchronized.

If you have to compare with someone, May the Kaisers Orchestra win the 2013 closing ceremony. But Karp’s world transcends generations, languages, and identities.

Some observations may indicate that they may no longer have good control over the smaller sections of the audience. These, for example, Ballinciaga, Beathoven and Undergrunn are intended for the rising generation.

It’s not important. Carp became common property. something man Should Take with you.

Not necessarily because you read very well the entire catalog and history of the band and know the full text on “Jetpack”. But because it has become a national treasure. as such May 17 trainAnd the Ivar AsinAnd the masquerade frame And the oatmeal.

Then you do not need to raise the format.

Perhaps Karpe’s next plan is to play in small places with small stages. At the top of Jotunheimen. For not playing more concerts at all.

or just above all With the revival of Omar Sharif’s concert At DY Patel Stadium in Mumbai.

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