Beyoncé and Blue Ivy: – A copy of the mother

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy: - A copy of the mother

then Jay-Z (52) He appeared in the NBA Final between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors in San Francisco on Monday with his daughter Blue Ivy (10) closing many eyes.

The rapper has his daughter with him Beyoncé (40)because the last daughter received a lot of attention.

Beyonce She is the mother of twins Sir and Rumi Carter (5).but now it looks like she’s got her “twin”.

Many believe that the daughter is a copy of the mother. With the same hair and earlobes, photos of the two of them have been compiled together and shared on Twitter.

It’s a private photo of the mother from 2007 fans are comparing her daughter to, and are mildly shocked by the resemblance.

One wrote, “Just like her mother,” while another wrote, “She’s so beautiful, my God, she’s a mother’s twin.”

Many also write the term “copy > paste”.

Special: Beyoncé is known for being private, but on New Year’s Eve she shared photos of her twins. Video: Beyoncé
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own designer

During one of the many Twitter posts about the similarity between mother and daughter, there are those arguing that the mother must have dressed her daughter.

As the daughter of two of the richest and most famous people in the world Blue Ivy probably lives a different life than most other teensShe may have inherited some of her mother’s interest in luxury design.

The little girl was seen, among other things, in a Gucci dress worth about NOK 222,000.

And “Queen B” has previously attracted attention with her expensive taste in clothes, and a representative of the mother has previously confirmed this. Women’s daily wear who – which Blue Ivy has her own stylist and personal shoppersomething most people can only dream of – even into adulthood.

“Homecoming”: Here too we get a glimpse of Beyoncé’s twins in the movie about the time the artist topped the Coachella American Festival in California. Video: Netflix
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completely alike

However, this is not the first time Mother and daughter are referred to as twins. The star shared a photo in 2019, and here are two photos she collected with Blue Ivy, when they were both seven years old.

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“Someone made this comparison of me at 7 and Blue at 7. My baby is growing up,” Beyoncé wrote in the post.

Comments poured in under the hilarious photo, and a number of fans were overjoyed that the two are so alike.

“Oh my God, twins,” “Wow, twins,” and “Twins, really!” Among the comments that fell back again.

“I thought both pictures were blue, actually!” It sounded like one of the star’s followers, while another wrote: “What’s up, I thought they were both by Beyoncé.”

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