– Beyond all expectations

- Beyond all expectations

London / Oslo (Dagbladet): A few days have passed since Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son, Charles, was sworn in as King of Great Britain.

The new monarch has already undertaken a number of public works.

Eric Mustad, a UK expert and senior lecturer at Akter University, thinks the new monarch has so far appeared humble, overbearing and approachable.

– He learned something from 1997 and Diana’s death. Mustad says his address to the nation outside Buckingham Palace to a large crowd was fantastic.

– Beyond all expectations

On Friday evening, King Charles made his first official speech. A very tense speech.

However, Trond Flintheim, a reputation expert and lecturer at Christiania University College, didn’t have high expectations beforehand. However, he was pleasantly surprised.

– As I see it, he delivered beyond all expectations. Both presentation and content were good. I give it a six, says Flintheim.

She says many people have been affected by everything that has happened around Princess Diana, and believes it has “sat like a cold” to many.

Popularity: Experts believe that the new king is popular among the people. Here on the way in front of Buckingham Palace. Photo: AP / NTB
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– Now I think he managed to turn the stone. There was good correlation between body language, facial features and words. He seemed very convincing and the speech had everything a speech should have.

Mustad also says that the early days of King Charles stood five or six at dice.

– He was restrained, and so was his vocabulary, body language and rhetoric. You can see that he has moved, but at the same time he has moved away from passing. Mustad notes that the queen stood like that, and so should he.

Proximity and distance

King Charles also took time to greet people outside Buckingham Palace. Videos of the session show the new king, along with Camilla, shaking hands with several people.

Blindheim points out that Charles was also laughing.

– He looks famous, and it looks genuine and real.

Mustad points out that his mother so beautifully continued the combination of closeness and distance that he learned so well.

– He showed sympathy and respect in another way to those who mourned his mother’s death. He says it was good to see.

King Charles is well received by Londoners. Outside Buckingham Palace, he was greeted with cheers.

New Life: Londoners have mixed opinions about their new king. Video: John Terje Pedersen. Correspondent: Kaisa Linea Hawkforce
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– I am delighted that Charles is the new king. He waited 70 years for this, said a reporter from Talkblade in London.

– I don’t know him personally, but he seems like a thoughtful person who takes his duties seriously, says another.

However, not many doubt that he has big shoes to fill.

– One says he has a lot of work ahead of him.

– There are big shoes to fill. I think we should not compare him with his mother, who was a great person, absolutely irreplaceable, emphasizes another.

A twinkle in his eye

On Friday, King Charles held an audience with Great Britain’s newly appointed Prime Minister.

Trussé said that one of the reasons why the meeting went so well was because the king was so calm.

– He has this twinkle in his eye that his mother doesn’t have. She was perfect in all situations of life, while Charles also has a sense of humor. Mustad says that he gets down and talks a little so that people are calm and not bad at civility and nervousness.

VISITORS: Prime Minister Liz Truss meets King Charles on Friday.  Photo: AFP / NTB

VISITORS: Prime Minister Liz Truss meets King Charles on Friday. Photo: AFP / NTB
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He adds that what the audience saw and then heard from the audience confirms this feeling.

– Things went smoothly here, Charles welcomed. It shows how they help each other in constitutional monarchy in Great Britain.

Charles has expressed some political positions in the past, even if they are vague in terms, Mustadt insists. He didn’t think we’d hear anything about it now. He thinks Charles is now very diligent in doing his duty, but he thinks he will continue to do it.


– This means that people will not feel as submissive as they did when meeting a king. It would be like meeting Crown Prince Haakon in Norway. He is down-to-earth, popular, and wants to be a happy companion. Charles has the same qualities, William has, she says.

– There is now national mourning in Great Britain, but all must go on, all must progress. And so is the hereditary monarchy, a mixture of grief and “business as usual” as we saw Truss and Charles express themselves in their meeting. They show that you can multitask, and that’s a good signal to send, says Mustad.

Call: Here, Charles III is proclaimed King from St James’s Palace in London.
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The UK expert insists it is important for King Charles, who has stood like a rock in the past to carry the nation’s symbol on his shoulders, to show stability.

– In these changing times, his presence and character may be the most important symbol of the nation’s unity and stability.

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