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After ten seasons on the Swedish reality series “Wahlgrens Värld”, Bianca Ingrosso is now thanking herself.


Damn we laughed and cried and traveled and went together. Everything from love, heartache, children, movement and job. I love you with all my heart, write in a post on Instagram.

After ten seasons in the Swedish reality series “Wahlgrens Värld”, Ingrosso has now decided to leave the TV series. She justifies this choice by the fact that she should give priority to the cosmetics company CAIA Cosmetics.

Sometimes you have to prioritize in life, and my focus was more on CAIA and a new fun project coming next fall.

Ingrosso is one of the biggest influencers in the Nordic region, with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 390,000 followers on YouTube. In 2020, the star was Revenue over NOK 200 million. Wahlgren’s World follows the life of Ingrosso and her mother, Swedish actress and singer Pernilla Wahlgren. The series has been in limbo since October 2016.

Do not rule out return

In the post, Ingrosso wrote that TV series content has been filmed on average four days a week for the past six years. She admits it wasn’t always this easy.

– Sometimes it wasn’t easy at all, but you and my team made me feel incredibly comfortable.

The influencer further wrote that the TV series meant a lot to her.

– But everything beautiful has its end, and today I thank you with the flowing tears that followed me and lifted me to what I am today.

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Ingrosso has been in the series for ten seasons, but now it’s over for her. However, she does not rule out her appearance on TV again at a later time.

– At the moment I do not record “Wahlgrens Värld”, but of course you will see glimpses of me from time to time. I mean, I got to meet my mom and our team, she writes in an Instagram post.

Already in August, Ingroso suggested Aftonbladet It was at the end of the road soon.

Mother’s Honor: Bianca Ingrosso sends a huge thank you to her mother, Pernilla Walgren.

More praise

In addition to thanking the TV team and their additional siblings, who had to endure “the ups and downs” and give her “unlimited many hours of therapy,” Ingroso sends a big salute to all TV viewers.

I love my viewers more than anything, and you guys are our big extra family.

The 26-year-old concludes his farewell speech by honoring his mother.

– And I thank you, dear mother, for giving us the opportunity to do this together. Think about what this program has done for our relationship. Today you write, we are a strong team and we have a lot of love between us.

sharp criticism

When influencer Bianca Ingroso, 26, launched her Christmas calendar for CAIA Cosmetics brand, it sold out in just over an hour — and the company It collected more than 36 million Norwegian kroner.

However, Ingroso had to endure heavy criticism after that, as happened on the calendar slaughtered from several teams. Complaints were that many of the products only came in travel sizes, and only one slot should have a discount code for 20 percent off a single future purchase in the online store.

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Ingroso responded to Aftonbladet that it’s boring to hear criticism, but she loves the travel-size products. You also answer that you get a toiletry bag worth 400 kroner, and that the products are specially designed and in a limited edition, and therefore more expensive. minmot.

– I made a Christmas calendar using products that I love and use myself. Products are personal, and everyone has the right to express their own opinion. Of course, it’s always boring with unhappy customers, but we’re certainly not the only ones with travel sizes on their Christmas calendar.

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