Bianca Ingrosso: – In a war of words with her mother

Bianca Ingrosso: - In a war of words with her mother

He is 26 years old Bianca Ingrosso has been a target in recent years For a series of harsh comments from her followers on social media, some users showed her no mercy.

Bianca He had on several occasions to defend himself against extremely sinister comments About both privacy and appearance and work.

Now it is, anyway Mother Pernilla Walgreens (53 years old) saw herself compelled to answerwrites among others Aftonbladet, which refers to this week’s episode of the family reality show “Wahlgrens Värld.”

Pernilla asks why do young people, including their daughter, choose fix his appearanceIncluding the use of Botox.

human advertising: Bianca Ingrosso is back in bad weather again, after she announced intimate products for women. Video: DeoDoc. Reporter: Anton Lier/Dagbladet TV.
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A clear request from the mother

Admittedly it is mentioned that Bianca I stubbornly refused last year To use Botox. But according to the Swedish newspaper, she got into the topic with her mother in the last episode.

– I do it because when I’m in Talang, I get such a vein here, such a tense vein that makes me look terribly angry on TV, explains Bianca, without just her mother’s consent.

– And I think you look mad at Botox. I don’t understand why you should take Botox when you are very young. Pernilla says I don’t understand it.

For his part, the 26-year-old believes that the mother’s generation often asks questions about why young people want to fix their appearance, at the same time they themselves make various interventions.

Link: Through the series Wahlgren’s World, you gain insight into the life of your daughter Bianca Ingrosso and mother Pernilla Wahlgren. But their relationship was not always as good as it is today. Now they say what changed that. Reporter: Henriette Eilertsen. Video: Thea Hope / WWII / Red Carpet
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Pernilla’s son and Bianca’s brother, Benjamin Ingroso (24), claims the sister looks different today than she did just three years ago.

– There are some members of my family who have imagined that on the day I turned eighteen … If I changed my appearance when I grew up, it was because I changed it myself, and not because I got older, I answer 26 – the age that is a year old.


However, this is not the first time that Pernilla and Green have expressed this I’m not too happy that the daughter is changing her appearance for him.

A year ago, she tried to convince Bianca to stop using fillers on her lips.

wholesale white: When you have a huge influence like Bianca Ingrosso, many rumors pop up. Most recently, she slept with rapper Asap Rocky. Now she is answering the rumours.
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The 26-year-old, one of Sweden’s biggest influencers, noted that the fillers disappeared within six months, an explanation the mother didn’t buy.

– Yes, and when it expires you can stop it, said Pernilla.

Instead of taking her mother’s advice, Bianca thought Pernilla should also fix her appearance.

– No, you can also put a little, you can hardly see your upper lip, she said.

Benjamin Ingrosso is on YouTube’s “Klarna Drops-by,” showing off his house. Video: Klarna / Red Carpet
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