Bianca Ingrosso on selling to a Norwegian company: – The biggest mistake of my life

Bianca Ingrosso on selling to a Norwegian company: – The biggest mistake of my life
Regrets: In several episodes of her television series, Bianca Ingrosso has expressed her unhappiness with selling large portions of her cosmetics brand.

Now the Norwegian investment company is commenting on the criticism.


After influencer and entrepreneur Bianca Ingrosso started Caia Cosmetics in 2018, the company has grown and raked in millions.

In 2020, he bought Norwegian buyout fund, Verdane More than 50 percent of the company.

In several episodes of Ingrosso’s new documentary series “Imperiet Bianca”, she laments being sold to the Norwegian company.

I don’t think we’re getting anything out of board meetings. I always said that when it’s boring, we’ve done something wrong. We should never have sold Kaya, and I certainly didn’t want to. She says in one episode that it was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life.

In another episode, she said that there has been a big change since Verdun took to the field.

The cosmetics company used to have a family feel, whereas now it feels more like a “business,” she says.

In the series, Verdane representative Henrik Aspén said they had an “aggressive growth plan”.

– I’m afraid we’ll become too structural and feel that way, Ingrosso says.

That’s what the investment firm says now

– When a company grows, there are many internal changes that demand a lot from both the owners, management and employees, says Verdun’s representative, Cecilia Nytorp.

She participates in board meetings with Ingrosso that appear in the series. Nytorp confirms to VG that she is happy to collaborate with Caia and Ingrosso.

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Selling all or part of a company can be a demanding process for entrepreneurs. However, Caia’s development is made possible by the close and good collaboration between Bianca and the founding team, the company’s management and Verdane, she says.

Board meeting: Cecilia Nytorp (left) and Henrik Aspin of Verdun during one of the board meetings with Ingrosso and her cosmetics brand.

Nytorp was asked what she thought of Ingrosso’s statements that she regretted the sell-out in the episode.

We agreed to be part of the documentary series after being invited by the founding team of CAIA. Documentaries like this one are made with the intent of entertainment. The recording took place over several years, and the quotes and situations were cut and edited, says Verdane’s manager.

So far, VG hasn’t been able to get a comment from Ingrosso.


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