Bianca Ingrosso paid over 40 million NOK to buy an apartment – VG

Bianca Ingrosso paid over 40 million NOK to buy an apartment - VG
Influences: Bianca Ingrosso, here as a judge in Swedish “Talang” in March.

Sweden’s Bianca Ingrosso, 27, has revealed that she has made a staggering sum for her new home.


«This cost my apartment so muchBianca Ingrosso writes as her title Latest video on YouTube channel.

– I’m so proud that I bought my family’s home, says the 27-year-old, adding that she considers the purchase an “incredible investment.”

– But I like the apartment, and it was very expensive, she said.

On a question from a follower, whether it is true that the apartment costs more than 40 million Swedish kronor, Bianca reluctantly confirmed.

– It’s a very large amount, but it’s worth it. It is worth it. She says it is worth it and assures that she does not want to look ostentatious.

– I don’t think I’m better than anyone else. It is very expensive in Stockholm, and I chose to invest in my family’s home.

With my girlfriend

according to express The apartment has an area of ​​300 square meters and is located in Östermalm, Stockholm. Bianca has already informed that the restaurant owner’s girlfriend Philip Cohen (28)You should live there with her.

In the video, Bianca explains that the plan is to create a safe base for their future children. The apartment will be completely renovated before moving in.

For two days Bianca left this picture From the apartment building on Instagram.

Bianca is a very successful businesswoman. Swedish newspapers wrote last summer that Bianca in 2020 had He won 202 million Swedish kronor In his company Sami Holding.

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Most of this amount comes from the sale of its stake in cosmetics company Caia Cosmetics For the Norwegian Acquisition Fund Verdun. Bianca sold the shares for 145 million NOK.

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The Swedish influencer (26) eases the veil on her turbulent relationship with Philip Cohen (27).

Bianca, the daughter of Pernilla Wahlgren (54) and Emilio Ingrosso (56), is one of Sweden’s biggest media personalities. She has 1.3 million followers Instagram And nearly 400,000 subscribers Youtube. She appeared with her family several years ago on television in the reality series “Wahlgren’s World”.

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