December 1, 2022


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Bianca Ingrosso: - Scandal

Bianca Ingrosso: – Scandal

For several years, people have been followed Swedish Bianca Ingrosso (27) Through her social media and reality series “Wolgren’s World”. The influencer is known for not keeping details to himself – and thus often makes headlines.

Among what has often been the focus of her on-and-off relationship with ex-boyfriend Philip Cohen (28). Earlier this year, Ingroso could tell She has become singleAnd now she has given up her relationship with Cohen forever.

The couple met in 2014.

In a new and intense conversation with Al-Suwaidi Aftonbladet Ingroso talks about single life — and dating opportunities that don’t come.

Opens: Bianca Ingroso has struggled with bulimia for several years, and talks about it candidly during a visit to Scaflan on Saturday. Video: TV 2
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receives “no” inquiries

In the interview, Ingrosso said that she is now enjoying a single life. She points to coming home to an empty and quiet apartment as one of the best things.

Despite the fact that she’s thriving in her own company, she’s clear about one thing: she’s ready to date again. There is only one problem. According to Ingrosso, no one is trying.

When the journalist suggests that it should be easy for her to meet new people — because she “must be one of the most sought-after singles in the country right now,” the influencer has the following to say:

I didn’t notice it, I’ll tell you. Where the hell is everyone? My inbox is empty. It must be said. Empty, empty. Or, there are certain types who write, but they are either 12 or 85 years old, who can detect.

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Despite her apparent love of celibacy, she agrees with a journalist who thinks it’s scandalous.

– It’s actually a scandal. Where are my single children? She told the newspaper I also wondered about that.

end or not? Swedish TV star Bianca Ingrosso has a turbulent relationship with her boyfriend Philip. Video: Thea Hope / Reporter: Henriette Ellertsen. Program directors: Kine Falch and Jonas Hammer.
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happiest without

When it became known in August that Ingroso and Cohen again She chose to end the relationship – and this time forever – there were probably more people who wondered what would be different this time from the others.

But in a YouTube video, Ingrosso answered what “everybody” is wondering. She could simply say that was enough.

– We have been each other’s security and have been very good friends and very passionate, but all previous violations have eroded in us. So I think that’s what happened this time. In the end, you just think: “No, you know, I think we’d be happier without each other.” So this was it.

At the same time, Ingroso can reveal that she is much happier than she has been for many years.