June 5, 2023


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Bianca Ingrosso with her own talk show

Bianca Ingrosso with her own talk show

In December 2021, it became clear that Bianca Ingrosso would no longer participate in the family reality show “The World of Walgreens”. In the same farewell speech on Instagram, Ingrosso can say she wants to focus on her beauty brand CAIA and a new project coming up.

Today it became clear that she would be related to her own talk show from the fall, with Frederic Scaflan’s production company behind the show.

Shares interest

The talk show “Bianca” will be shown on Swedish TV channel Kanal 5 and on Discovery +.

– It turns out that Bianca and I share a curious interest in talk shows, a form of entertainment that she has enjoyed since childhood. Now when you’re sitting in the chair, it’s not about adapting to the genre, it’s the kind to adapting to it, Scaflan says in a press release. Expressen.

Then he said in his letter that Ingroso is cold, direct, honest and spontaneous.

The qualities we think are essential to take talk shows into a new era.

Something I never thought I’d do

Ingrosso shares the news in a YouTube and Instagram video. YouTube video starts out as something you never thought you’d do.

– This has been a dream for a long time, and I will have my own talk show. You say in the YouTube video I don’t understand anything.

She then explained that she has played talk shows all her life and that the best she knows is watching Youtube videos of many talk shows. The show is being recorded in a large studio and will have a large audience depending on the TV personality.

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– How sick because this fall I will be able to sit with you on the sofa at the TV two days a week and invite guests and artists.