Big celebration for Vita and Wanda Machady

Big celebration for Vita and Wanda Machady

And on Saturday night, the stage was set for a full party in Oslo. Sisters Vita and Wanda Machady celebrated their birthday.

The sisters turned 31 on April 18 and invited friends and acquaintances for the full celebration.

– I’m becoming a little skeptical

The 31-year-olds had already made completely different plans for the celebration, but in the end they pulled away.

“We didn’t really intend to make much of it happen, but then I had such a burning idea that we had to get something done,” Vita Machadi tells Se og Hør.

Hadeer: Vita Machady doesn’t understand a thing when suddenly her twin sister Wanda lies on the floor screaming loudly as she writhing in pain. Video: Red Runner / Discovery+
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And Sister Wanda, who is nearly voiceless because of the cold, agrees.

Thus, the two sisters met themselves and began inviting people to celebrate.

Opens up about coexistence

Opens up about coexistence

– We wanted to surprise our friends, so we wrote in the invitations “more info to come”.

Vita and Wanda Mashadi love to go out “all in all together,” and it’s gone from a celebration to a real party.

full cup: Vita and Wanda Mashadi were blown away after a phase where they broke up, and Wanda ended up blaming Vita for taking so long in the position. Video: Red Runner / Discovery+
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– We rented a bus, set a dress code and found that we wanted a mix of ‘sleek’ and ‘trashy’.

Hair was done and make up was done and the 31 year olds were ready to party. The party bus picked up all 58 guests, including Isabelle Ringnes (34), Mart Bratberg (33) and Niklas Silseth Parley (34).

‘Criticism will testify’

– Nobody knows where we’re going. They are only told that it is a “black and white” theme.

The admission price to get on the bus is a shot, and during the ride guests were given glow sticks and party hats.

Vita and Wanda: Twins Vita and Wanda Mashadi became known through the reality show ‘Vita og Wanda’ on NRK. Now they have come out with a book, and in this regard they have revealed that they have been offered to participate in the third TV series, ‘Paradise Hotel’. They also revealed the amount they were offered for their participation. Reporter: Jonas Hammer. Video: Thea Hope/Red Runner
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– People were confused. They thought we were going to rave. After all, they’ve been trying to guess where we’re going for over a month, but no one guesses right.

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Manu’s birthday celebration is over and the sisters agree that the evening was a great success.

- We raise each other

– We raise each other

– We wanted it to be a party for our friends, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

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