Big contrast

Big contrast

The contrast was remarkable this weekend, when Lionel Messi (34) and Cristiano Ronaldo (36) were playing for their teams Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United.

Ronaldo scored his fourth goal with the Reds in the match against West Ham, while Messi was replaced after 76 minutes in his first home appearance with a 1-1 victory against Lyon. This was Argentina’s third match without online knowledge.

What made the headlines was that Messi would not take PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino by the hand when he was deposed. Instead, he said something to the former Tottenham boss, at the same time sounding questionable.

– This reaction came from the fact that I asked him about his condition, and he replied, “Everything is fine, no problems.” That was the talk, Pochettino said of the episode.

not satisfied: Lionel Messi says something to Mauricio Pochettino. He raises his arm, but does not take the manager by the hand. Photo: REUTERS/Benoit Tessier/NTP
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Former Barcelona player Thierry Henry works as an expert on Amazon Prime. He was not surprised by Messi’s reaction.

– No, not really. It doesn’t surprise me. It may not be replaced. We don’t know what to say to each other. Let’s not create controversy. Henry says he definitely wanted to be on the court so he could score.


Messi also didn’t seem too enthusiastic when TV cameras filmed the 34-year-old in the stands after he put the player replaced by Mauro Icardi 2-1 into extra time.

The entire PSG bench got up and cheered, and a confused Ander Herrera looked at the seated Messi, before finally getting up and looking at what was happening on the grass, before politely applauding.

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“It was a descriptive reaction from a normally very enthusiastic player,” Dail Mail wrote.

From the body language it is clear that Messi is not happy.


In Manchester, both fans and players were able to smile from ear to ear after Ronaldo joined the team. It started in the best possible way with two goals in his first home game against Newcastle, before the Portuguese scored both Young Boys and West Ham.

Ronaldo’s good start at Manchester United (four goals in three games) and Messi’s quiet start at PSG (0 goals in three games) gave Ronaldo fans water.

The English Premier League is seen as the best league in the world by many, while the French Ligue 1 lags behind the First Division in England, Spain, Italy and Germany. Messi was expected to go straight and destroy Paris. This was not the case.

Of course, nothing can be finished after a few matches. Messi will at some point shoot all the cylinders, but so far there is no fire in the wick.

– Will come. Henry says it takes time to adapt, even to the best player in the world.

Superstars Ronaldo and Messi will always be compared, especially since both clubs have changed hands this summer.

Ronaldo fought himself

Ronaldo himself got off to a strong start to his career with Juventus, with many matches without knowing online and Red card in the first appearance of the Champions Leaguewho made sure to cry. He ended up scoring “only” 21 goals in his first season in Italy.

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The advantage of Ronaldo this season is that he has been aware of the Premier League and Manchester United before, although he has come back as a completely different player. Messi has arrived in a new league and a new country for the first time since he was a teenager.

Where Messi had a bit of a stick (literally after a shot into the crossbar against Lyon), Ronaldo had margins with him on two goals, which came after his return from the goalkeeper. Messi also suffers from a minor knee injury.

So far, Ronaldo has the biggest reason to smile, but you can’t underestimate a player like Messi. Referred to unknowingly online as goal dryness, these three games say quite a bit about what the 34-year-old has delivered over the years.

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