Big Mess – VG

Big Mess - VG
During the Poland match, Christian Berg meets players (left) Sander Sagosin, Peter Overby, Harald Reinkind, Christian O’Sullivan, Thomas Solstad and Eric Toft.

BRATISLAVA (VG) Germany lost 11 players confined to their rooms between matches. Norway imposed a ban on meeting opponents outside matches in European championships. Christian Berg believes the German crisis gives Norway an advantage tonight.


After a 42-31 editorial victory over Poland on Thursday, Norway will meet Germany in Slovakia on Friday night.

Germany may be a little weak, but it still has good players. Of course, Christian Berg tells VG. All Norwegian coronavirus tests came back negative on Friday.

In total with tests before the European Championships, more than 100 players have tested positive for covid-19. In the European Championships themselves, there have been more than 60 positive tests.

– We hold a crisis meeting every day, UEFA General Secretary Martin Hausleitner said in a digital press conference on Friday according to Danish TV 2.

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Germans are the most affected with 11 cases. Before the loss to Sweden on Thursday, three other players tested positive. Even important full-back Christoph Steinert was told before the match that his test had been wrong.

– It was a big mess. I had all the feelings in the world. Suddenly a phone call came in stating that I was a false positive. I packed my things and started asking, Steinert tells ARD picture.

He officiated the match against Spain.

According to the NTB, the Germans now have a “curfew” at the Leander European Championship hotel in Bratislava.

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It must be difficult for them. I heard from a teammate (Kiels Ron Dahmke) who came here. The first time he saw the team was in the locker room before a match, Bundesliga professional Harald Reinkind told NTB after the win over Poland.

Dahmke was brought in as a European Championship reserve. He is Stine’s girlfriend Bredal Oftedal and future son-in-law of Sander Sagosen.

Tough Entry: Ron Dahmke (in white) has been thrown into the chaos of Corona in Germany. Here against Poland on Tuesday.

They eat alone, bathe alone, and stay alone in the room all day. We live as usual. We are very skilled at fighting infection and must continue to do so, Sagosin told NTB.

National team doctor Thomas Torgalsen confirmed in a VG question that the Norwegian team has imposed a ban on contacting players from other teams at the hotel. Poland, Russia and Sweden have also been infected with the Corona virus in the squad.

Why does Germany have 11 positive tests and Norway zero?

– I don’t know what Germany did. Torgalsen replies: I don’t think it’s a coincidence, but when a team has one or two cases, it’s like a fire spreading.

He notes that the Norwegian European Commission’s contingent reduced social contacts and went into “a kind of quarantine” before they attended the meeting on January 2. Norway also canceled the match against Denmark on January 5th Because of the risk of injury after it was proven that a Danish player was injured.

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We impose stricter rules on ourselves than are officially required, says Torgalsen.

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Christian Berg is trying to focus as much as possible on the pandemic and focus as much as possible on recreating the superior performance against Poland.

We’ll bring what we did yesterday into today’s game. After that, the corona is the corona, as the national team manager says.

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