June 6, 2023


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Big rescue operation in the Baltic Sea - two ships are said to have collide

Big rescue operation in the Baltic Sea – two ships are said to have collide

It is said that two cargo boats collided in the Baltic Sea. One of the ships capsized and is about to sink. Screams of people in the water have been reported.

The Danish cargo boat Krin Hoej is one of two boats said to have collided. The cargo boat must have capsized and is about to sink.

express He writes about the accident between cargo boats Karen Hogg and Scott Carrier, at 3.30 p.m. Monday. The boats were between Bornholm and Ystad.

– We don’t know what happened yet. Jonas Franzen of the Swedish Maritime Administration said that one of the ships had capsized upside down express.

A number of ships are searching for survivors in the area on Monday morning. Six lifeboats and two helicopters from Sweden and Denmark are contributing to the rescue.

Franzen says the priority is saving lives Aftonbladet.

The Norwegian Maritime Administration does not know how many people were on board the now sinking boat.

At 07:30 on Monday, no one was found in the water yet, according to Swedish media.

screaming in the water

We don’t know how many people were on the sinking boat. We suspect that there are at least two people in the water. At 4.45 we got a report of hearing screams in the water, he said.

There are no ideal weather conditions in the area, according to the state of the rescue services. It is not a strong wind, but it is dark and cold. The wind strength should be between zero and four meters each. The second is at the scene.

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According to Aftonbladet, the water temperature is four degrees.

Exactly what happened between the ships, says Jonas Franzen Aftonbladet.

According to Marinetraffic.com, these are two cargo ships. The Scot Carrier is registered in the United Kingdom. The ship is 90 meters long, was built in 2018 and was on its way from Salakgrova in Latvia to Montrose in Great Britain. It is not known what the ship’s tonnage is.

Karin Hoej is registered in Denmark, is 55 meters long and was built in 1977. It was on its way from Södertälje in Sweden to Nyköping Falster in Denmark. It should not have a load.

On Monday night, the two ships were on their way in the same direction in the same sailing direction, but according to Marine Traffic at different speeds: the smaller ship, the Danish, with 6 knots (about 11 km/h) and the British twice. At a speed of 12 knots.


According to the Danish Armed Forces Operations Center, Karin Hoge was the one who overturned and was on the verge of drowning.

“We can see from our radar observation that there may have been a collision between two smaller cargo ships northwest of Bornholm,” says duty officer Stephen Loon to Riesau.

Just before 7 a.m. Monday, no survivors were found Aftonbladet.