Big surprise if he has to leave before the end of the season – VG

Big surprise if he has to leave before the end of the season - VG
Lost: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Manchester United lost on Saturday for the first time in a Premier League away game since January 2020.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (48) is under pressure at Manchester United six very important weeks ago.


With the loss in Saturday’s game against Leicester, Manchester United have now lost three of their last five games. This in turn has led to speculation about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s future as manager of the English big club.

the athlete Saturday night’s experiences that Solskjaer will not be fired now, and notes the Norwegian will have “a lot of goodwill among the board members” at the club because of the job he has done.

To VG, said the journalist in the same newspaper, Oliver Kay He didn’t think Solskjaer would be fired now, but he was also suspicious that the Norwegian was the right man to lead Manchester United to the top.

Erik Thorstvedt, TV 2 football expert, believes Solskjær – who signed a contract extension to 2024 this summer – is safe for the rest of the season.

– I think he’s worried about their looks, but I don’t think he spends a lot of calories on noises about his job. It takes a lot of all that noise to get a significant result, says Thorstvedt, who firmly believes Manchester United will end up in the Premier League’s top four after the season ends.

– They have a strong stable and they built stone upon stone. Are they good enough to go to the top? barely. But Thorstedt thinks it is so surprising that the results are so bad that Solskjaer must leave before the end of the season.

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Initial success: Cristiano Ronaldo has scored five goals in seven games for Manchester United, but Eric Thorstedt is currently not convinced that Ronaldo’s signature was right for Manchester United.

Rogalinden believes the pendulum that constantly swings back and forth around Solskjær’s career situation is tired, and thinks the Manchester United board of directors have more ice in their stomachs. but:

– If they don’t win anything this season, I think questions will be asked, says Thorstvedt.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær took over from Jose Mourinho on a temporary basis in December 2018 and impressed so much that he got the job permanently in March 2019. Under Solskjær, Manchester United have not won any titles. The club has not won a title since winning the Europa League in the spring of 2017.

Last season, the cup dream ended The missed penalty kicks in the Europa League final against Villarreal. For the 2021/22 season, Manchester United signed star players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane.

After a good start to the season, stocks have pointed a bit lower in the past month and the next six weeks could prove very crucial for Manchester United’s season. Then Solskjaer’s men could decide the fate of the Champions League and the chance to fight for the Premier League title for a long time.

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Solskjær has taken the team to the plateau where they have to win something. It is part of United’s DNA.

The irony is that I think they have a much better chance of winning the Europa League. Thorstvedt says it was a “sabla shit” for Ole Gunnar that they didn’t win last season, so he can bury that winning ghost.

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