May 29, 2022


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Biggest in China - ITavisen

Biggest in China – ITavisen

Apple has grown exponentially in October of this year.

iPhone 13 cheaper at launch than 12 var

iPhone sales are up an astonishing 46 percent month over month. With such a large fund, Apple is also the largest mobile phone maker in the country.

It was the launch of the iPhone 13, an “upgrade”, that made the Chinese happy with shopping: its sales grew by 46 percent per month, while the rest of the market in China grew by only 2 percent on the same comparative basis.

See what Apple has managed to capture:

Apple hasn’t been the market leader in OEM since December 2015. Now they’ve managed it again, thanks to a 13 to 12 price drop in China.

Apple could have taken bigger market shares

Analyst Tarun Pathak believes that the way Apple has been able to deal with the lack of components has helped them:

“Apple could have had more of the pie had it not been for the shortage, especially for the Pro versions. However, Apple manages its supply chain better than other OEMs.”

Huawei has been strong in the premium segment in China, but that now appears to be changing.

the interview

The interview on the shortcomings of the components

Note their last mention that more expensive devices with higher margins take priority in production — both of which Apple is known for:

“Due to supply issues, the normal waiting time for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max is between four and five weeks in China. Some Chinese customers choose to pay an extra amount to have the new phones delivered right away.

In general, the Chinese market has been sluggish throughout the year, but Apple’s growth is a positive sign: it indicates that Chinese smartphone users are maturing quickly and are looking to buy more advanced devices, which could be a good opportunity for brands. The supply chain is also prioritizing advanced units and units with higher margins due to component shortages.

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