– Biggest thing that’s happened to me since The Sopranos – V.G

Not Lost : Vegar Tryggeseid is not “Lost in Translation” like Bill Murray’s character in the film of the same name. Now he has found love and is newly married.

Comedian, podcast host and VGTV profiler Vegar Tryggeseid got married on Saturday. The news was revealed through an Instagram conversation with colleague Morton Ram.

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– This is the biggest thing that happened on Saturday, after “The Sopranos” and “Lost in Translation”, Driggezeit writes an SMS to VG.

Driggezeit married his girlfriend Andrine at Oslo City Hall on Saturday.

The comedian himself posted a post about the wedding on Instagram – without mentioning that he himself was married.

“Wedding weekend! Good luck with the setup and weather. Most everything should be, and it’s well planned so the day goes as smoothly as possible.”, Driggezeit wrote, adding, “Are you checking to see if this is posted, Morton?” Podcast partner, colleague and VGTV profile Morten Ramm.

Ram responded to his colleague with the same coin, posting a photo of a wedding reception at the Ekberg restaurant in Oslo, where pop artist Aurora shook hands with comedian Amir Askarnejad.

Vegar Tryggeseid has previously been a member of the comedy team at Humornieu and partners with Morten Ramm in the podcast “Må på Behandling”.

He also wrote the book “Historien om Norge”. Year till 10.00 BC 2019 – Hard Years” and featured in many other VGTV productions.

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