Bill settles: – They’re tearing us to shreds

Bill settles: - They're tearing us to shreds

During his time at Real Madrid, especially in recent seasons, the Welsh star has been subjected to negative publicity in the Spanish media.

Before the play-off match against Austria, he was commented as a parasite in Madrid-based newspaper Marca. They accused him of withdrawing money from the club’s coffers.

Now he is hitting back, describing the press as insulting and speculative.

– At a time when people spend their lives due to the cruelty of the media, I want to know who holds these journalists and news sites that allow them to write such articles responsibly?

“Fortunately, I have come heavy during my time in the spotlight, but that does not mean that such bad articles cannot cause personal and professional harm,” Bell wrote in a statement.

– torn to shreds

The Real Madrid player reports that he has seen the stress that the media can put on people’s mental and physical health.

– The media expect extraordinary achievements from professional performers, and they are the first to celebrate with them when giving performances. But instead of showing pity when they show a touch of human error, they are torn to shreds, encouraging anger and disappointment among fans, says the 32-year-old.

He became the world’s most expensive player when he was sold from Tottenham to Real Madrid in the summer of 2013, but received early criticism for not living up to huge expectations.

In his first season in La Liga, he scored 15 goals and 13 assists, but he got Hear from commentator Mark “Bale does not know how to play football. He only knows how it is going.”

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The past few seasons have been very difficult for the injured Bale.

He hopes his followers will have an easier relationship with the press.

“When they are able to absorb the news, I hope that the ethical standard in journalism will be applied more rigorously,” Bell writes.

before it ends:

Encourage us to change the way we speak out and criticize people, often because they do not meet the unrealistic expectations that are often set for them. We all know who the real parasite is!

More reviews

The day after the ruin of Austria’s Bell, may daily Mail He was subjected to some negative publicity received against him in the Spanish press.

For example, he was criticized for playing a lot of golf.

Prior to qualifying, they were shocked by the loss of El Clasico, but apparently set off in Wales training a few days later.

Bell, on Friday morning, received fresh criticism in Spain. On the TV show El Chiringuito, it was stated that the 32-year-old should be sent off by the club, according to Wales Online. Mark He claims that people at Real Madrid have noticed that he “won’t stop being a problem one day”, given that the contract expires this summer.

The Welshman has won the Champions League four times with Real Madrid. In the final match against Liverpool in 2018, he scored two goals in a 3-1 win.

– He won very important matches for Real Madrid. He is a legend at Real Madrid, but he was not treated this way by the club, the media and the fans. The club has never looked after him like they should, as LaLiga expert on TV 2 Guillem Balagué said before.

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Bale has played only five matches in the League and the Champions League this season.

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