Billie Eilish: – Delete all social media from mobile

Billie Eilish: – Delete all social media from mobile
SUPERSTAR: Billie Eilish, here at an environmental party in Los Angeles this past October.

Pop icon Billie Eilish, 21, has a very strained relationship with the internet.


She has 108 million followers on Instagram, 47 million on TikTok and seven million on Twitter.

But now the American artist confides in a podcast conversation with Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend that she distances herself from all such platforms.

– I don’t look at them anymore, and I deleted them all from my mobile phone. Too big for me, says Eilish.

The podcast, which also features Eilish’s brother Phineas O’Connell, 25, won’t be released in full until the end of March, though a teaser has been released. Rolling Stone Among the media that reported it.

no “iPad baby”

It’s been a while since Eilish has posted something on TikTok, but pictures pop up on Instagram every now and then, lately Thursday at sunset. Eilish doesn’t say anything on the podcast about who’s likely to post to her, or whether she herself does it via a computer.

Although Eilish describes herself as the “kid of the internet,” she explains that her parents protected her while she was growing up. Among other things, she says, she’s grateful she wasn’t the “iPad kid.”

Approaching adolescence, when the iPhone appeared on the market, little Eilish became very interested in everything that was in cyberspace. A few years later, she became a world-famous pop artist herself and had to deal with people who started to overthink things. Ha.

– Ouch, it’s sprouted. I don’t like it, says the 21-year-old about being the topic of conversation online.

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Billie Eilish on boyfriend:- The hottest ever

Billie Eilish (20) demands a clap for “kidnapping” Jesse Rutherford (31).

Eilish has spoken in numerous interviews about how hard it is to relate to what other people say about her, about everything from looks and bodies to attitudes.

– That’s what scares me on the Internet, namely, how naive you are about everything you read. I myself believe everything I read there. Ishe says, adding that she knows “how stupid it is.”

At least Eilish knows that she He should know better.

– I have proof that everything is wrong. In fact, almost none of this is true. Little white lies, says the singer.

The star tells of when boyfriend Jesse Rutherford, 31, sat down and searched online some time ago, and a video with a private message turned up.

– The person said: “Billie Eilish is Horrible Humans.” It seemed as if he really meant it. We live in a crazy world.


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