Billion claim: – Hair raising

Billion claim: – Hair raising

Gardermon (Dagbladet): Farmers demand NOK 6.9 billion for agricultural settlement this year.

FRP’s Sivert Bjørnstad has nearly gaps in demand. He urges the government to step in.

– I hope there are some adults at home in the government now. It won’t work, he says, about the need for billions.

– A scandal

– A hair-raising exchange

Bjornstad says it would be irresponsible for Agriculture Minister Sandra Porch (SP) to approach farmers’ demands. The FRP summit shows the government’s repeated insistence that the government must prioritize strongly in a year of economic need. Then farmers can’t get everything they point to, Bjørnstad argues.

– This would be a decision that would shift the finances of society to a relatively small group of self-employed people. These are budgetary funds that can be better utilized in other matters, he adds.

All cost increases were compensated by Bjørnstad recording NOK 10.9 billion last year.

By 2022, incomes have increased by an average of 14.4 percent, according to the Agriculture Budget Committee. Even the oil workers could not offset the growth in farmers’ incomes last year.

Deprived of high rank: discharged

Deprived of high rank: discharged

– More expensive food

It is intended to finance the settlement this year through increased target prices of NOK 1.07 billion and budget transfers of NOK 5.4 billion.

That means expensive food for the man in the street.

– A billion should be raised by raising food prices. Therefore, says Syvard Bjornstad, the industry demands that the consumer foot most of the bill for Sandra Porch.

Received secret support

Received secret support

– Communism

For the first time since 1950, farmers’ organizations in the agrarian settlement could not agree to a general demand for agrarian talks this year.

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Bjørnstad calls the whole model a hoax of the past and reminds farmers to be self-employed.

– Agriculture in Norway is a communist system, completely cut off from the market. Tina and Nordura decide how much the food will cost. The result is an industry with inefficient operations – which contributes to the generally high food prices in Norway.

Arguments for generous conditions for farmers often sought to preserve settlement in rural areas, protect small farms, and ensure preparedness through food production.

– The countryside is where food can be produced in Norway, so I’m not worried about immigration. But Norwegian agriculture cannot continue to be measured by the number of farmers – we must measure how much is actually produced. He says farmers should be allowed to grow without being limited by the FRP ancient concession limits.

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