Bjarne Brundbow: – He came out of his halo

Bjarne Brundbow: – He came out of his halo

DDE singer Bjarne Brøndbo (57) I entered inside the Christmas celebration with a positive coronation. He reveals this himself NRK.

– I felt the taste in the mouth and the sense of smell changed, he says.

Loss of taste and smell is a known symptom of corona infection, and it is not surprising that this is exactly what he experienced. Eskel Brondbo’s 57-year-old brother, who is also part of Trønder’s squad, tested positive only a few days ago.

– I can simply say it’s like cream of rice and cabbage porridge tasted the same, a laughable 57-year-old told NRK.

For the Brøndbo family, and many others, it was a Christmas celebration marked by the virus that has plagued the country for nearly two years. According to the artist, they were completely fired, and spent large parts of the holiday sleeping in their own chairs.

Now, about two weeks after the model started faltering, the artist is fortunately on a path to recovery.

– I was afraid that this would hang, but it seems that I will recover faster than he feared. Even my sense of taste and smell is on its way back, so I am now looking forward to life. Jokingly, it’s now a case of not eating too much.

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Now it’s up to the DDE singer to stay healthy. In March, a very special concert is planned.

On March 26, DDE acquired Trondheim Spektrum to begin the anniversary party, when the band turns 30.

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Whether or not the contagion situation allows for a concert is too early to say, but Brundbow stresses that if that becomes the case, it will be a trial of times for both themselves and the audience.

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