Bjorn Eidsvag rejoices with Hver gång vi mødøs record:

Bjorn Eidsvag rejoices with Hver gång vi mødøs record:

This year’s season premiere of “Every Time We Meet” – Where Bjorn Eidsvag was praised – It has now exceeded 1 million viewers. This is the first time that an episode of “Every Time We Meet” has reached the one million mark.

Bjorn Eidsvag is proud that it is his “own” show that holds the record.

– It exceeds all expectations, and again I don’t understand why I haven’t been involved in this before. That’s just awesome! says Eidsvåg.

TV 2: – Absolutely fantastic

This year’s season – with the artists Christian Christensen, Ingeborg Bratland, Emma Steinbakken, Bjorn Eidswag, Caroline Kreuger, Isaah and Freddy Callas — is now set to be the most watched of all time.

“This is absolutely fantastic, and shows how successful this year’s season has been in impressing viewers,” says Kathryn Halldorsen, Program Editor at TV 2.

– The mix of artists really touched the hearts of the audience, and when two of the songs topped the charts in Norway, and six songs made it into the top 20, we have every reason to be very proud. All credit to everyone involved in this production.

Fixed height

Viewing figures for the first episode have almost doubled since it was shown on January 1 this year. 542,000 watched the program in the first 24 hours, and after almost two weeks, a million people watched the tribute to Bjorn Eidswage.

A week after Eidsvåg, a tribute to Freddy Callas was broadcast. This was seen by 900,000 people in less than a week.

Not only have those watching the show increased linearly since last year – those watching the show via TV 2 Play have nearly doubled since the 2022 season.

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The success of “The River”

Moreover, Emma Steinbakken’s version of Bjørn Eidsvåg’s song “Floden” has passed 4.6 million streams and is now topping the Spotify chart in Norway.

At the same time, Isah and Maria Mena’s version of Eidsvåg’s song “Alt du vil ha” is A-list on both P1 and P3. The song is now number two on Spotify’s list and nearing two million streams.

Every time we meet, you watch TV 2 Direkte on Saturdays at 20:00, or whenever you want tv 2 play.

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