Bjørn Eidsvåg will be involved every time we meet

Bjørn Eidsvåg will be involved every time we meet

In January 2023, a new season of the TV 2 show “Hver gang vi møtes” will be shown again on Norwegian TV screens – something many are already looking forward to.

Among the participants we find a ringed fox in the industry, Namely, Bjørn Eidsvåg (68). Eidsvåg joined Musik-Norge more than 50 years ago, but refused to participate in the program for twelve years. Now he had finally given a thumbs up.

Every time we meet her: Emma Steinbacken interprets Bjorn Eidswag’s The River. Video: TV 2.
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– was worried

– I agreed to participate this year because it suddenly dawned on me that the new generations had arrived that had nothing to do with my music unless their parents played it. Emma Steinbacken, for example, wasn’t born when my greatest hit came out – “Mysteriet deg” – tells Se og Hør, and makes it even more clear:

– It was a little girl who told me that I should participate “because your songs are interpreted by the young people with whom we have a relationship, and therefore we also get a relationship with your music.” So if that means my career can get a few more years or an extra boost, great.

And the artist adds that this year he was able to ignore the fear that previously prevented him from participating, but he still knows that it will be difficult.

– I put aside the fear of being too close to people for too long, or not being able to cover other people’s songs. I was a little worried about it, and besides, I know it’s a lot of work. It’s a lot more work than people can imagine, and it goes on all the time.

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– I was so tired when I got home from ‘camp school’ that it took me three full weeks to recover, so it takes a lot.

Every time we meet her: Rapper Arif moves the other participants with his stories of growing up. Video: TV 2
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It must be taken away

Recording of the music show ended long ago, but when asked if there was something the 68-year-old feared the rest of the country would see on TV, he could divulge taking action in the editing room.

– I’m afraid to see, for example, if I say stupid things, or that I seem pedantic and have become an adult and stupid man who is supposed to say something wise. I don’t want to fall into this trap.

– I got rid of it in the episode about me, there I had more discretion, so my wife and I have gone through it carefully and removed what I think is ugly.

Eidsvåg believes his wife has a sharper eye than he does, and so he picked up things that were originally meant to be included in the program and that he himself didn’t think should be cut.

touch: When Mag Brett Andersen was honored during “Every Time We Meet,” I was impressed by Andreas “Tex” Hockland’s performance. Pictures provided by TV 2.
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– When I sit in the middle of it, I think it should be fine. Then I’m more open and humble and I think “it’s not that serious to talk about.” But then she gets up and points out that this includes more people than me.

Beforehand, Edsvag and his wife, Ragnhild Edsø, had an agreement that he should not share private things involving others.

– We delved into the episode and she said “This has to go” and “We shouldn’t include this,” and then I totally agreed. It’s about personal stuff, but you suddenly forget where the line is and then the press is glad, he laughs.

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Group: This year's artists in

The group: This year’s artists at “Hver gang we meet”. Photo: Jan-Peter Dahl/TV 2
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Now he’s looking forward to the rest of the country seeing what he and Emma Steinbacken (19), Caroline Kruger (52), Christian Christensen (30), Ingeborg Bratland (32), Freddy Callas (32) and Issa (23) have worked with.

– People can see and judge for themselves, but I think there is so much wonderful and musical here that it is strange that people do not enjoy themselves.

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