Bjorn Ulvaeus defends Agnetha Fältskog after ‘Take a Chance’: – Very uncomfortable

Bjorn Ulvaeus defends Agnetha Fältskog after ‘Take a Chance’: – Very uncomfortable
EXCLUSIVE: Bjorn Ulpheus and Agnetha Waltzkog at an ABBA event in London last year.

ABBA star Agnetha Fältskog (73) tried in vain to stop the documentary about the “stalker” and her ex-lover. Now she is getting support from her ex-husband.


The “Take a Chance” documentary premiered on streaming service Prime Video on May 19, and has long been making waves.

The documentary follows Dutchman Gert van der Graaf (54), who stalked Agnetha Waltzkoog for several years, and was finally convicted.

Fältskog never wanted to reveal to the public what happened, and how she fell in love with the man who was later alleged to have threatened her life and made her daily life hell.

He wrote letters

Since this period, Fältskog has lived in extreme seclusion. She is adamantly against the fact that Graff is now allowed to tell her story on television.

Among other things, she wrote letters to the production company to get them to cancel the project, as the singer’s record company confirms Express.

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They explained that they “didn’t want at all to make the documentary”.

ABBA director Gurel Hanser (74) said she thought the documentary was “disrespectful”.

ABBA-Björn: – Compassion

Now Fältskog’s ex-husband, ABBA teammate Björn Ulvaeus (78) will also be on the field.

– I find him very annoying and have great sympathy for Agnetha. From what I understand, he’s given a lot of leeway in this series, or whatever, as Ulvaeus I says “Morning Pass P3” About ex-wife stalker.

– He adds I know how hard this is for her.

Referee: Dutchman Gert van der Graaf, pictured here with a photo of Waltzkog in 2006.

It’s not a series, but an 86-minute movie.

The director, Maria Thulin, 38, spoke in Swedish Aftonbladet that Fältskog had been repeatedly offered to take part in the documentary, but said no.

– It’s very sad. I was really hoping for Agnetha’s version of what happened.

According to Theolin, the aim of the documentary is to shed light on “stalkingstalkingAn English word for personal persecution».

– That’s why we chose one of the most popular stories to reach as many people as possible.

He was obsessed – he became a lover

Lots of story He is It is known by even if the singer himself remained silent.

Waltzkoog had a love affair of more than two years with the 17-year-old Dutchman, who had a crush on the Swedish singer since he was eight years old.

Graaf had never had a girlfriend, and was so obsessed with Fältskog that he bought a cottage in her house next door.

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But the story took an unpleasant turn, and two years later, ABBA star Geert van der Graaf reported it to the police.

On several occasions he has been arrested for harassment and stalking. In 2000, he was convicted and deported from Sweden. He violated the restraining order several times and was arrested again.

Ulvaeus says on the radio show that he understands that many people find the story “interesting”.

When asked if he was cursing on behalf of his ex-wife, he replied:

– I don’t know. Only sad and sorry, answers the composer, who was married to Fältskog from 1971-1979 and has two children.

When Gert van der Graaf was convicted in 2000, he was banned from returning to Sweden for two years. This ban was later extended.

Today, 22 years later, he says on TV — according to Express – that “it’s all very emotional.”

Because it’s not over yet. Not for me at least, says the 54-year-old.

type breadth

– With “Take a Chance” we offer a cross-genre documentary, crime, music, mystery and fan culture, says Martin Backlund, Prime Video Nordics Managing Director, Marketing.

– We think that this local history will be of interest to many, he adds.

Icons: Bjorn Olpheus, Benny Andersson, Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Agnetha Waltzkog here in Poland in 1976.

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