Blakerfest, Blaker’s Stronghold | – That would be rubbish!

Blakerfest, Blaker’s Stronghold |  – That would be rubbish!

Jørgen Kirsebom in Blakerfest is organizing the festival for the tenth time in Blaker Skanse 18-19. August this year.

Recently it became known that the Ole Ivars dance group will play on the stage in Skansen on Friday, August 19th.

On Saturday, Kirsibom and his loyal fanatics are preparing the ground for an entirely different musical genre.

The key word is heavy rock or heavy metal, as it is called in foreign languages.

On Saturday August 19, world-renowned Swedish nu metal band Dead by April will be coming to Bleecker, what will be called Blackierfest for the occasion.

The love of music is the driving force

– I’ve checked old maps, and Blackier – which we choose to believe is pronounced as Blak-kjær – is an old Blackier name from 1749. Here we think kær stands for love. The driving force behind what we do is a love of live music, the amazing volunteers who join us year after year, the esteemed Blaker Skanse and not least the Blaker Audience. The sum of this is what drives me to continue organizing concerts. Thus, I think the name of this show is very descriptive, says an excited Kirsibom.

Fosser’s metal band Under the Oak and heavy rock band Wildnite, with members from Fetsund, Søndre Høland and Aurskog, are also on the bill this Saturday.

To finish off the ball, Kirsebom hired an all-female AC/DC tribute band from Switzerland: Back in Black.

– The metal concert at Bleecker was a dream all along. This is going to be nasty! Saturday offers many different genres inside a metal booth, and with dance bands and other snacks on Friday, it will be a tribute to diversity. It’s about enjoying live music and variations. One does not have to exclude the other. Kirsibom concludes that it is pertinent to recall that a maximum of 1,000 tickets are sold out and that it is usually cheaper to buy a ticket before the summer holidays arrive.

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