Blockbuster movie The Battle of Norvik will be a school program – NRK Nordland

Blockbuster movie The Battle of Norvik will be a school program - NRK Nordland

The Battle of Narvik was the largest on Norwegian soil.

However, it is Some people know that.

– KThe national events of the North Norwegian campaign must have the same place in our national consciousness as the top hats, the comrades on show and the illegal newspapers.

Says producer Live Bonavi.

With an interactive teaching project, they hope to bring the power of film into Norwegian classrooms.

Carl Martin plays Gunnar Tofte in Egespe Kompen om Narvik.

Photo: Eirik Linder Aspelund / Nordic Image

A series of speed bumps

The battle for Norvik cost NOK 80 million.

It is one of the most expensive films in Norwegian history.

But despite the big budget, not everything went well.

Lead actress Christine Hartgen says there was a time when she feared the entire film would be cancelled.

Christine Hartgren and Carl Martin Egesbo on the Battle of Norvik

Christine Hartgen and Carl Martin Egesbo on the Battle of Norvik. The former sometimes feared that the film would never come.

Photo: Eirik Linder Aspelund / Nordisk Film

The premiere was delayed several times due to Corona. When war broke out in Ukraine, the filmmakers decided to postpone the premiere once again.

On Saturday, it will finally roll onto Norwegian screens for the first time.

The film opens at the Norvik Theater on Saturday. It will be shown on the big screen in the center of Norvik on Saturday evening

Hartgen says that day has finally arrived.

There’s one part that I don’t understand that it’s actually premiering now.

It needs a place in history

Producer Live Bonivi now feels relieved that the film will finally release.

The project is challenging, he says.

If we hadn’t loved the story as much as we did, and had strong ambitions as to why this film would go to theaters, I think we might have persevered.

We think this story needs space.

Battle of Norvik

Producer Liev Bonavi believes more attention should be paid to the crucial battle for Norvik. It will probably be available through Blockbuster.

Photo: Private

Bonivi himself recognizes a gap in knowledge about Norway’s war history. He was a grandfather from Bodo, but he didn’t know much about Northern Norwegian history.

I’ve used illegal bouncers, red top hats and paper clips in buttonholes. But I was not aware of the war stories of the North.

Hence, he is happy to have the film as part of the teaching program.

We see the importance of the rising generation relating to our own war history.

She also highlights the war in Ukraine.

– MAnge asks if the film was more or less updated after Russia entered Ukraine. I would say more because people are more aware of how close the war can be.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich suffered their first defeat at Norvik.

Bonnevie adds:

I also think that this film should primarily remind us of faith; We have defeated dictators before.

Have you heard of the Battle of Narvik?

Knowledge gaps

Nordisk Film in association with Sant og Unsant It has developed an interdisciplinary teaching program that allows for deep learning and generous conversations in the classroom.

The producer says that the project will have a red thread with democracy and citizenship.

We want to take students on a journey of knowledge in the form of a digital tool that will help bring the power of a great film to the classroom and a different and closer relationship with our own history.

Nordisk Film, together with Sant og Unsant, has created a unique digital teaching platform about World War II based on the film. Among other things, an interview with Defense Chief Eric Christopherson.

Video: Educational Storytelling / Nordisk Film

Education Minister Donje Brenna (AP) is also adamant that what happened in the North during the Second World War must now be taken into account.

I am happy that northern Norway has a film, especially about Norvik and the northern part of our country, says Education Minister Brenna.

Donjay Brenna

– Education Minister Donjay Brenna (AP) says that an insight into historical events can help put today’s challenges in historical context and strengthen students’ understanding of the society we live in.

Photo: Bjøringsøy Jansson / NRK too

She also says:

I hope this inspires you to read more and learn more about how the war affected Norway and especially Northern Norway.

Living in Oslo, Norvik and Alta during the war was different, says the education minister.

Film can powerfully convey stories we can relate to. I think seeing a representation of what it would have been like in Norvik during World War II has a huge impact on students.


Bonnievie believes Norvik’s story is overshadowed by other stories of World War II, such as the show’s companions.

Photo: NTB / NT

There is still no national control over which curriculum is used in Norwegian schools.

Therefore, the content of teaching should be determined by the individual teacher.

But students will learn about World War II.

Along with this picture and many other resources, there are many good resources for education and discussion about how the war affected Norway.

Open and accepting

Michael Brakeke has helped develop the teaching platform.

He believes that this kind of film can lead to good discussions.

– When you watch a movie, you become more open to discussing issues emotionally. One becomes more receptive to processing information, he adds:

– And we believe that providing education in this way can contribute to bringing young people closer to what war is.

Carl Martin Ekespe plays the lead role as Gunnar Tofte in Kampen om Narvik.

By using the new image, Bracke will create good spaces for discussing difficult topics at school.

Photo: Eirik Linder Aspelund / Nordic Image

According to Brake, the site simplifies difficult concepts, teaching young people about ethical dilemmas and the rules of war.

– We think this learning method can complement conventional learning platforms. We hope that everyone who participates will learn something and that they will leave feeling that everyone has a role to play in this world to ensure peace, says the creator of the site.

“The Battle of Narvik” will be shown on select screens first. It will be launched to the general public on December 25.

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